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Shine Your Magnificent Light

“Don’t be afraid to shine. The world needs your light” – Timi Nadela

Little Gems of Wisdom & Fun from Mary Lynn Ziemer

We all have qualities and gifts that create more joy for us and those around us. The real you, your "authentic self," shines most brightly when you know and accept your magnificence. Own your uniqueness today, so you can uncover and shine your incredible light more brightly than ever before. When you recognize your own version of brilliance, your light is visible for the whole world to see and experience. You will also get more results than you ever thought possible. Why? Because how you feel creates your world. So, go for the feeling of a magnificent, incredible, and powerful you! Then, you will begin to see a world around you that you absolutely love. Your magnificence is fueled by joy, passion, laughter, love, gratitude and fun, fun, fun! Step into it now. Don’t wait. All of us are here to experience more joy and have more fun than we’ve ever felt before. First and foremost, it starts with feeling love and gratitude for the essence of who you are and what you already have. Know that you are a beautiful gift wrapped in a human body. When taken great care of every day, you can present your gift of love to others. If you are happy and full of joy and love, you can’t help but spread it out all around you. Everywhere you go, you create the wonderful ripple effect of love, even when you’re unaware of this process. That’s the true essence and nature of who we really are. How can you do this in a way that allows you to create more of what you want for yourself and others? Start by connecting every day to that power of love that you are. Your source of energy and magnificence is the Source of Infinite Power within you. That Power, whichever name you give it ( Love, God, Universe, Intuition, Soul, I am, etc.), is continuously available to elevate and increase your energy consistently each day, or whenever you need a boost. You can tap into it by simply closing your eyes and putting your hand on your heart. As you relax and focus within, breathing deeply, hold your intention to feel more love and have more joy than ever before. All you need to do in this moment is say to yourself, “Thank you! I open my heart to the love that I am. I open my heart to me. I am pure love and I love myself. Please show me the way!” Do this every day, and your faith and trust in the Source of Infinite Power within you will grow. Know the wonderful truth about you. Recognize your special talents and unique gifts. Start by making a list of the things you feel passionate about. What are the things that make you feel good when you think about them or participate in those activities? Notice topics that interest you or subjects that you find yourself frequently thinking about because they are fun to you. Things that really feel joyful, things that you do naturally, without even thinking about them. Then, remind yourself of the positive feedback you have received from others about these strengths. Take a few minutes to feel the truth about this information. Own it by feeling and expressing gratitude in your heart for your uniqueness. Now, include at least one of these activities into your life everyday. Even if it's only for 15 minutes, you will feel better than when you began. Know your perfection. Knowing our perfection means feeling in our heart that we are all created in the image and likeness of that great Source of Infinite Power. It means that everything about you is in perfect order and timing. It means that we are each perfectly on our path, despite what evidence you might think says differently. The truth about you and everyone else is all good news. Anything short of this is not worth an investment of your time.

The more you know and love your own essence, the more you feel and experience the true purpose of your life. This kind of growth provides the freedom to be who you are meant to be. It gives you self-confidence. And then, you create results that give you more joy and more fun than you’ve ever experienced before, both for yourself and others.

Start focusing on being the best version of yourself that you can be NOW, so that you can confidently move forward out of any situation you might want to change and create loving relationships with others. NOW is the only place to begin, creating a new, more joyful experience. Be encouraging toward yourself. Be loving and kind to you, as well as to others. Be positive about all of the things that you are doing, little and big, to move in a new direction. Encouragement is extremely important to our growth and success in life. Begin by noticing all the small, positive changes that you’ve made and continue to make in your life. Acknowledge them to create more of what you want. Express gratitude for them and for the person who has created! Do this every day, hour by hour, experience by experience.

Why is it so important to be consistent with this? Because we create everything in our lives by the way we feel. When we are aware of our successes and little changes in our quest to be the best version of ourselves, it makes us feel good. When we feel good, we create more of what we want. Feeling good and feeling love consistently and intensely creates a calm mindset. And in a place of calm, our magic wands appear and we can create all that we want most quickly.

Pretty soon, the fun little things change into bigger things. Before you know it, you’ve accomplished that promise that you’ve made to yourself to have a more joyful life in whatever way excites you. Now you have more money, more clients, better relationships, more passion about your life, great health, etc. Only you can truly know how magnificent and incredible you are, and what you are capable of doing. So, it all begins and ends with you loving you as you move forward on your journey of growth. You must honor yourself by taking the time to reflect on who you are and what you want deep within your heart. Get ready, dive deep, and be kind to yourself all along the way as you uncover your greatness within. Once you do, you’ll shine your bright new light on everyone and everything around you… and it really doesn’t get much better than that!

Have an absolutely magical week full of love, gratitude and fun, fun, FUN!

~Mary Lynn Ziemer

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