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Little Gems of Wisdom & FUN!


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Now you can have Mary Lynn's "Little Gems of Wisdom & Fun" inspirational messages sent directly to your inbox each week! This is a free gift from Mary Lynn, providing you with inspiring, uplifting, and thought provoking messages to start your week off right.


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PLEASE NOTE:  We send out 'Little Gems of Wisdom & FUN' once a week.  If you do not see it come through, please check your spam folder and mark Mary Lynn as a safe sender. You can also Add Mary Lynn to your address book, or send a 'hello' email to If you are still not receiving the emails for any reason, please contact us.

See examples of "Little Gems of Wisdom & Fun" below:




"Spectacular newsletter..."

Laura M.

Hi Mary Lynn: I’ve been reading your spectacular newsletter for about 3 years now. It’s so interactive and flows so smoothly, that anyone can read through your words -Stop - & Meditate! After doing so, a new calm will enter them, further insuring them, that “this too shall pass”! The structure in which you relay the techniques enables the Reader to comprehend that’s its truly the mindset in how the issue at hand is dealt with. With the new tools in use, the end result can be shifted into a positive matter; as our higher thinking will push our rationalization to a level of calm. Thanks for the tools rendered from every newsletter. It is to be applauded for all the lives that are being shifted! Peace be with You Mary Lynn🙏Namaste!

"Keep them coming..."

Dena W.

I still get the Little Gems emails and read them every time. It's a great reminder to live life joyfully and with CALM.  Sometimes I forward them to friends who might have a need that the topic matches.  Keep them coming, they are very inspirational.  Hugs to you!! Dena

"Inspirational and sparkling..."


An inspirational and sparkling way to start the new week :)

"Great material..."


Great material and always enjoy reading it. I always take the time for them. 

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