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January 13, 2020

"It comes down to our ability to focus – we are most effective when we focus our attention on one thing at a time." ~ Matt D’Angelo, Business News Daily

 Little Gems of Wisdom & Fun from Mary Lynn Ziemer 

The New Year is a time when many of us try to get clarity about what we want to achieve this year.  However, it's also a time when we may have more than usual on our plate.

Right now, you may be sorting through d...

January 13, 2020

“If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy and inspires your hopes.”
~Andrew Carnegie

 Little Gems of Wisdom & Fun from Mary Lynn Ziemer 

As you embark on a new year, one of your first resolutions should be to keep your "love tank" full every day!  This means focusing your thoughts, words, time, energy, and actions on things that bring you joy.  This allows you to have...

January 6, 2020

“New year—a new chapter, new verse, or just the same old story? Ultimately we write it. The choice is ours.”  -Alex Morritt

 Little Gems of Wisdom & Fun from Mary Lynn Ziemer 

The New Year is upon us!  If you are like most people, this time of year holds special meaning as a time for fresh starts and new beginnings.  But this year, wouldn’t you like to take your life to a whole new level of creation?! Wouldn’...

December 23, 2019

"May your walls know joy. May every room hold laughter and every window open to great possibility."  ~unknown

 Little Gems of Wisdom & Fun from Mary Lynn Ziemer 

We often hear the phrase "the magic of the holidays".  And it's true, there are those special moments around the holidays where we feel that warmth of love, where people smile at each other more often, or are perhaps a little bit kinder, more generous, an...

December 23, 2019

 Little Gems of Wisdom & Fun from Mary Lynn Ziemer 

I will let you in on two little secrets that you can use to see successful outcomes all day long... every day! 

1.  First, every day, you must take a little time for just you, to get your day started on the right foot. Make sure you’re moving in the right direction…the direction of calm.  Make it a requirement for yourself.  Make it sacred. Put out...

December 9, 2019

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart. Wishing you happiness.” – Helen Keller

 Little Gems of Wisdom & Fun from Mary Lynn Ziemer 

The Holiday Season is here!  With all of the hustle and bustle that this time of year brings, it’s important to be gentle with yourself and keep balance in your life. You create everything based on how you feel,...

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"Spectacular newsletter..."

Laura M.

Hi Mary Lynn: I’ve been reading your spectacular newsletter for about 3 years now. It’s so interactive and flows so smoothly, that anyone can read through your words -Stop - & Meditate! After doing so, a new calm will enter them, further insuring them, that “this too shall pass”! The structure in which you relay the techniques enables the Reader to comprehend that’s its truly the mindset in how the issue at hand is dealt with. With the new tools in use, the end result can be shifted into a positive matter; as our higher thinking will push our rationalization to a level of calm. Thanks for the tools rendered from every newsletter. It is to be applauded for all the lives that are being shifted! Peace be with You Mary Lynn🙏Namaste!

"Keep them coming..."

Dena W.

I still get the Little Gems emails and read them every time. It's a great reminder to live life joyfully and with CALM.  Sometimes I forward them to friends who might have a need that the topic matches.  Keep them coming, they are very inspirational.  Hugs to you!! Dena

"Inspirational and sparkling..."


An inspirational and sparkling way to start the new week :)

"Great material..."


Great material and always enjoy reading it. I always take the time for them. 

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