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Mary Lynn Ziemer

Mary Lynn Ziemer is a Master of Advanced Life Concepts, an Executive Business Advisor, Certified Master Life Coach, Author and Speaker. She helps her clients understand that when we feel love, we feel happy, we create calm in our lives, and EVERYTHING is possible!  Whether the goal is to create improved personal or business relationships, to have more joy, more passion, increased financial wealth, more calm, improved health and well-being, enjoy a better career/home balance, or simply to find greater purpose in life, Mary Lynn is helping people achieve these on a daily basis.  
Mary Lynn’s dynamic and authentic coaching style creates trust, inspires, and moves people toward positive change with desired outcomes. She is internationally known for her success techniques that have helped thousands of individuals, families, and organizations of all sizes, see tangible results.​ She assists her clients in finding their deep inner happiness and calm, helping them define and achieve goals as they consistently live a more joyful life.

Before pursuing her current passion as a Life and Business Coach, Mary Lynn spent more than 25 years as a successful international senior executive with two Fortune 100 companies.  She lead organizations ranging in size from 700 to 5,000.  Faced with her own personal crossroads and searching for more joy in her life, Mary Lynn took the leap and found her purpose and passion had shifted. Whether guiding clients from the corporate environment to more satisfying success and joy in their daily work lives, to helping entrepreneurs and others realize their goals and creating the life they can love, she now uses her unique skill set as a Master of Advanced Life Concepts, Certified Master Life Coach, and Business Coach. She is passionate about enhancing the quality of life for her clients, both professionally and personally, and helping people overcome roadblocks that may be preventing them from achieving dreams and goals.

Mary Lynn specializes in “Emotional Intelligence,” teaching people how to integrate feelings and thoughts (engaging both the heart and the head) to create a calm mindset.  Her clients achieve sustained performance and wellbeing in all aspects of life, both professionally and personally. She inspires hearts and opens minds to leading edge new discoveries about how the brain works, using techniques that teach people to become positive, success-based thinkers. 

In her on-line and individual coaching programs, Mary Lynn unveils the secrets of life that “we were never taught in school.” She provides her own success techniques and other useful tools that have been proven by 1000’s of her clients and research to be more important than IQ and technical skills combined. 

In addition to her private coaching practice, Living A Joyful Life Now, Mary Lynn Ziemer is a Coach and Mentor for 3Plus International. 3Plus International is a company that specializes in Coaching and Mentoring for aspiring professional women globally. As a renowned motivational speaker and co-author of “The Change” (Book 1—Insights Into Self-Empowerment), Mary Lynn inspires audiences, sparks discussion, and motivates change. Her second book will be released soon.

"Clearly define your intention. Then, both your conscious and subconscious mind will work together to get you what you want."  ~Mary Lynn Ziemer 

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