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You deserve to be happy.   You deserve to have beautiful and loving relationships, success and fulfillment, financial abundance, good health, and a life that you love! ALL of these things are possible, simultaneously. Sometimes, our own limiting beliefs may stand in the way. However, there are actually no limits other than the ones we've placed on ourselves. It's time to stop letting these self-imposed limits dictate your life, and start owning your power. 


Mary Lynn Ziemer's newest online course, The Joy Negotiator, is a wonderful first step. It all starts with learning how to "negotiate within yourself" for more joy. The outcome is truly transformational. Prepare to be amazed with yourself... and with your beautiful life! 


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“I was not only able to achieve all my goals in just one year, but I was able to
create some true ‘miracles’ in my life!”
-Stacey R.
"This course was well presented, easy to follow, and engaging. I thoroughly enjoyed it and am so thankful to Mary Lynn for her outstanding work and support.  I definitely recommend her course to anyone who is serious about personal and professional growth!" 
"It’s as though Mary Lynn helped me to discover a “switch” inside of me that just needed to be flipped, causing tremendous personal growth and an overall enhanced quality of life as a result!" -Phil


The Joy Negotiator


Learn Advanced Life Concepts and the Extent of Our Human Potential (9 Week Online Course)


Are you ready to start living life on your terms? Are you ready to feel more love, joy, and calm? Would you like to have more clarity, true happiness, and success? If you could wave a magic wand and have anything your heart desires in life, both personally and professionally, what would that look like? This course will help you get more clarity about what you truly want in life, then provide you with the tools to achieve it!


“I had my best sales year ever and won an award from my Fortune 500 company for the greatest increase in sales over last year. My income doubled in just one year!” -Jane P.

“Mary Lynn helps you to articulate what it was that you started out to do and be in the first place and put that front and center in your thinking, and then she helps you map out a plan to get you back on course with your destiny.” -Arlene R.

“I battled major anxiety off and on for 14.5 years including panic attacks and depression. I finally found a way out with tools I learned at Living A Joyful Life Now!” -David G

“As a RITA nominee in the romantic suspense category for a previous book that took me 3 years to write, I wrote my best novel in under 3 months, plus so much more.” Sarah A.

“Mary Lynn’s coaching has been an empowering experience for me! I was feeling “stuck” in all aspects of my life—finances, relationship, career, health. I’ve achieved tangible results! It’s as though with Mary Lynn’s help I discovered a “switch” inside of me that just needed to be flipped, causing tremendous personal growth and an incredibly enhanced quality of life as a result!” -Phil S.​

“With the tools I was taught, I cured myself of Multiple Sclerosis and created other amazing things in my life!” -Blanca P.

“I now have an incredible relationship with my sister! It was the only area of my life that previously made me very sad. Mary Lynn taught me how to open my mind to seeing the possibility of having an ideal and perfect relationship with my sister, and now I have it!” -Stacy H.



When you use the tools in this course consistently, you'll see very measurable results, such as:
  • Enhanced emotional intelligence (more self awareness and the ability to regulate your emotions)
  • Strengthened personal connections
  • Harmonious work relationships
  • Heightened earning and income potential
  • Increased productivity and performance
  • Enhanced physical well-being
  • Improved mental well-being (learn to center yourself, overcome stress and anxiety, and find calm in any situation)
  • A healthy work/life balance
(Check out firsthand client reviews and video testimonials .)



In this course, you'll learn proven methods and tools that will launch you on your journey to pure joy. You'll learn:

  • The truth and extent of our human potential

  • The essence of who you are and your power to create

  • Heart and brain coherence (integrating feelings and thoughts to create harmony and calm in your life)

  • How to negotiate joy from within (you have access to all of the success tools within you)

  • How to find a sense of calm in any situation

  • How to live life in the flow 

  • How to see the beauty in everyone and everything, including you

  • What it means to live in the present moment and why it’s the ultimate destination



True change in your life begins with you. When you're negotiating happiness from within, not externally, you're so much closer than you might think to living a life that you love. 

We invest in business, we invest in friends and family, but an investment in ourselves is the most important. It's the foundation that helps us show up as the best version of ourselves, allowing us to do great things!


Joy Negotiator Online Course

9-Week Course - Includes 9 Video Lessons (20-30 minutes each) with Instructor Mary Lynn Ziemer

Value: $2,475


This life changing course will allow you to more deeply understand yourself, your core beliefs, and gain clarity about what you truly want in life. It will also teach you proven success techniques for making this vision for your life a reality... more simply and quickly than you ever thought possible!  Course lessons include:

  • ​How to Transform Every Aspect of Your Life for Success

  • How We Create Our World

  • How To Fill Your Love Tank to Reach a Calm Mindset

  • Get Crystal Clear About Your Goals

  • How to Make a Simple Plan of Action to Reach Your Goal

  • Create the Story That You Want to Live

  • Turn Your Goal into Reality Through Inspired Fun and Focused Action

  • What You Speak About, You Create

  • How to Speed Up Your Goals with Gratitude


Inspirational Audio Clips (sent daily between each weekly lesson)

Value: $150

Enjoy inspirational audio clips sent daily each week between video courses (36 audio messages total). These include:

  • Recaps of the lessons

  • Additional success techniques and tools

  • Firsthand testimonials and client stories

  • Inspirational messages from Mary Lynn


online course - inspirational audio clips
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Interactive Worksheets and Journals

Value: $150

You will receive interactive exercises that correspond to the video lessons. You can download and use these worksheets and journals over and over again to create more abundance and success in your life. 


Guided Meditations

Value: $30

You HAVE all of the answers to the questions that you seek. All of the solutions are within you, once you learn how to access them. These amazing meditations will help you quickly get to a place of calm, gain clarity, and begin to tap into your true power. 


  • Mary Lynn Ziemer's "Heart Meditation"

  • Amanda Divine's "Powerful Simplicity" Meditation


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Video Conference

3 LIVE 1-Hour Zoom Calls with Mary Lynn 

Value: $300

Enjoy 3 LIVE Zoom group calls with Mary Lynn after you complete the course. This is an opportunity to get clarification on questions you may have about course material or how to apply it to your situation. Questions must be submitted in advance and a limited number of questions will be chosen for live discussion during the calls.




Little Gems of Wisdom & FUN - Inspirational Emails


When you purchase the Joy Negotiator course, you will also receive

Mary Lynn's Little Gems of Wisdom & FUN. These weekly emails provide you with inspiring, uplifting, and thought provoking messages to start your week off right.


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What's Included...


9-Week Course - Includes 9 Video Lessons (20-30 minutes each) 


Inspirational Audio Clips


Interactive Worksheets and Journals


Guided Meditations


3 LIVE 1-Hour Zoom Calls 


BONUS: Little Gems of Wisdom & FUN!









as low as $133!  


Why are we offering such a large discount?


We strongly believe in the knowledge and the tools that are shared in this course. We believe that a deeper understanding of ourselves and the ability to access our power not only makes a difference for us as individuals, but improves humanity as a whole. So, our goal is to make sure anyone who wants to learn this material has access to it.  These are deeply discounted prices for the full, 9-week course. However, because our goal is to make this course accessible to as many people as possible, we are extending this offer (up to 95% off) to you!

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(84% OFF!)

Access for 1 person

We've created this as an affordable option for individuals. It's an opportunity to invest in yourself with something that will bring you lifelong, positive results. 




LIMITED TIME - $249/person

(92% OFF!)

Access for 5 people

An amazing gift idea or an opportunity for you and a group of friends or family to go in on the investment and experience this transformational journey together.  

Business Team



$133 / person

(95% OFF!)

Access for 11 people

This is the best option if you have a larger group or would like to sponsor a group of people. Also a perfect option for employers to provide team building and personal growth for their staff. Studies have shown increased productivity and performance after completing the course!

Donate a course 

If you also believe in getting the message and tools this course provides to as many people as possible, consider purchasing one of the group packages and donating the additional free courses to someone who has applied for a scholarship!


Want to apply for a scholarship?

If you would like to be considered as a recipient for a scholarship to receive a donated course at no charge to you, please contact us with your information and your story.

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