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Heart Meditation

Guided Audio by Mary Lynn Ziemer

You HAVE all of the answers to the questions that you seek. All of the solutions are within you, once you learn how to access them. This amazing meditation will help you do exactly that. When you go to your heart for guidance, you will experience an overwhelming sense of calm and clarity. You will know that you are making the right decisions for you, and you will feel at peace.


In this guided meditation, Mary Lynn Ziemer takes you through a beautiful process that will help you calm your mind as you tap into that immense power you hold within your heart. You'll create pathways from your heart to your mind that allow you to access your inner power and get in touch with your intuition. During this meditation, listen to the guidance you receive. It comes to you in the form of gut feelings, images, goose bumps, repetitive sounds, and other physical sensations. Or, you may see a picture in your mind, “hear” a message, have a random thought or receive ideas that may resonate with you as your own. Whatever you imagine when your mind is calm and you feel at peace, you can be assured that this is your intuition speaking to you. These are messages from the depth of your heart and soul, steering you with amazing insight. 

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