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Mary Lynn Ziemer Live Interviews

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Listen for free to recent recordings of live interviews with Mary Lynn Ziemer
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Live Interview with Chris Ippolito!
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Live Interview with Max Tucci! 

Mary Lynn was interviewed on Max Tucci's radio show, "Max & Friends" on LA Talk Radio! 

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Listen Free Here!
Radio Interview with Lora LeFhae - Mary Lynn Ziemer

“The Less Traveled Path to True Purpose”  was a transformational and inspirational telesummit hosted by Lora LeFhae.  It featured 21 leading experts, including Mary Lynn Ziemer.  Here, you can listen to Mary Lynn's interivew portion of the summit, where she discusses key points, such as:


  • Overcoming limiting beliefs 

  • Mapping your desires, gifts and talents to discover your passion and purpose.

  • Becoming concious of your thoughts and how they shape your reality

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So, you think just because you’re successful in your job and make a high salary that it’s too late to make a change?


Well, we’re here to introduce you to someone who has done just that. In this incredibly valuable interview, corporate executive turned entrepreneur, Mary Lynn Ziemer of ‘Living A Joyful Life’ reveals the key to making the transition from highly paid executive to successful and happy entrepreneur.


What You'll Learn In This Interview
  • The key to the entrepreneurial "switch"

  • A Common pitfall of highly paid employees and how to be aware of it

  • How a breakdown can lead to a breakthrough

  • Possibly the biggest factor to success in anything you do

  • How to actually create the change you want in your world

  • The one question to ask yourself before leaving your job

  • The mindset shift that could increase your sales by 37% or more

  • Critical action step needed for wild success, but often forgotten by many

  • The correct action steps for success

  • How to access a free guide to better your work

  • How to get a free business coaching consultation session










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"Clearly define your intention. Then, both your conscious and subconscious mind will work together to get you what you want."  ~Mary Lynn Ziemer 

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