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Real Life Magic

“Magic is a method of talking to the universe in words that it cannot ignore.” – Neil Gaiman.

Little Gems of Wisdom & Fun from Mary Lynn Ziemer

How was it possible for a multi-ton piece of metal to fly in the sky? How was it possible for a horseless carriage to move by itself? How was it possible for us to speak to someone halfway around the world instantly? How was it possible to breathe under water or explore the vacuum of space? The everyday amazing advances in technology and science prove that, at some point, someone envisioned something that was beyond what we thought was possible. Something that seemed like magic!

We all are capable of being magicians... it just begins with our imagination! The first car, the first airplane, the first phone, the first camera... they were all just a dream that someone imagined, visualized, and eventually turned into a reality. This works on every scale, and in literally every aspect of our lives. If we can imagine something, we can have it!

The same analogy applies to our minds. If we think it is possible to have deeply loving, wonderful and fun relationships, we will create them. If we think that it is possible for others in our lives to be happy and successful… we will create that. If we can imagine being perfectly healthy, we can be.

We must learn to fill our minds with what we want and be persistent in keeping those loving, fun thoughts in place so that we get what we want more quickly, even instantly.

Our lives are supposed to be easy! Our lives are supposed to be joyful, fun, and magical! We are supposed to create flourishing businesses, successful and happy children and loved ones, financial freedom, our dream jobs, etc. We are supposed to create lots of fun and fulfilling circumstances in our lives. When we use our minds the way they should be used, we take our lives to a level beyond what we ever thought was possible.

It starts with building a foundation of true inner peace, happiness, and a calm mindset within yourself first. This will fuel the calm knowing. It will allow you the mindset needed to most easily play the perfect scenario over and over again in your mind, until it becomes a part of you. Until you see it as a done deal. Until you know that it is just a matter of time and it is yours. When you know it, when you truly know it… then… it becomes your new reality and creates a life of pure magic.

Have an absolutely magical week full of love, gratitude and fun, fun, FUN!

~Mary Lynn Ziemer

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