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Claim Your Power

“We think so often that we are helpless, but we're not. We always have the power of our minds…Claim and consciously use your power.” ~ Louise L. Hay

Little Gems of Wisdom & Fun from Mary Lynn Ziemer

This world is not what it seems. In fact, the world works in a completely different way than we think it does. According to Neuroscientist Lisa Feldman Barrett, in her book How Emotions are Made, Secret Life of the Brain, "you construct your environment in which you live, your reality.” The ability to grasp this concept changes and deepens our understanding of the world as we know it... of what it even means to be human.

We literally create our reality based on the information we feed our brain and how it makes us feel, and our emotions are ultimately the crucial element. In other words, how you feel is creating your world.

So, if you are feeling anything other than calm and wonderfully happy right now, it's time for you to reclaim your power! In order to use the power of our mind in the way it is intended, we always have to begin with the basics.

First, and most importantly, it begins with "us." It begins with us understanding how we are powerful beyond anything we can imagine! We are incredibly brilliant beings with the fantastic ability to be, do, and have whatever we want, all in a way that feels so good.

This is incredible information to understand and acknowledge! Own your power and know that feeling love, more consistently and intensely than ever before, allows you to create the life of your dreams. Feeling love for everyone and everything, including you, is the way.

There is also a most famous book called the Bible that says, "Love Your Neighbor AS Yourself." When we include ourselves in the equation, we begin with ourselves and extend that love out to everything and everyone around us. Then, we will have more freedom, find more purpose in our lives, create more business growth and better results overall, have better health, create more personal wealth, have more loving relationships, and get hired for that fun job that pays well.

Whatever you want in your heart is possible!

We can feel deep, authentic happiness at the same time too. Yes, life becomes more fun and it is even possible to make real miracles happen. Personally, I have the honor of seeing them occur often for my clients, so I know they can happen for everyone. The key to all of this is in achieving a calm mindset. Calmness comes from feeling love and gratitude intensely. It provides us with the knowing and patience that what we want is in the creative process now. And with patience, we create what we desire more quickly.

For example, just a couple months ago one of my clients felt the respect and appreciation he had always wanted from a vendor/colleague after 30 years of working together. By changing how he felt about him and the situation at hand, he achieved something he had not experienced before with this person.

How did he do it? Here’s his story.

My client had some very important meetings to attend with his city government to ensure the outcome that he wanted for a mutual client. In his own words,

I got into the mind-set that the vendor and I had a good relationship; I worked on feeling like he was a good friend of mine. When I pulled up to the meeting, I was feeling like this: I’m about to see one of my real good buddies. And, in my mind I repeated that in the end, my hard work and expertise would be appreciated.

I was relaxed and even joked around some with the vendor. To my surprise, that evening, I received an email saying that “he appreciated all I did to make the client’s wishes work out with the city” and “he couldn’t ask for a better team to work with on such a special project. I also received a call directly from the client with such gratitude for how I pulled together all the city managers needed to make the outcome happen. I’ve never received an email like I did from the vendor and I’ve never had a client call on an early Saturday morning because he was afraid he couldn’t express his gratitude in an email. Those are both firsts after doing this work for 30 years…I’m pretty blown away with all of this and impressed to almost tears with how effective this is. I want to take it to another level!

So, what did my client actually do? He changed how he saw the vendor/colleague. He changed in his mind how he thought about him, and that helped him change how he felt about him. These new good feelings allowed him to change his actions toward the vendor. Overall, he created a new story about him and saw the vendor’s potential to show respect and appreciation. It felt so good to him as he saw and felt a win-win scenario for the 2 of them. Then, the vendor lived up to my client’s newfound belief in him!

We need to understand that we create everything in our lives by the way we feel. If we want to create what we desire, we need to feel really, really good, as consistently as possible. There are many ways of achieving that, but the easiest and the most important one is to feel love and gratitude. Love and gratitude create calmness. We need to feel love for everyone and everything, including ourselves, and we must be grateful for everything that we have. It really is very simple and very easy. Just saying in your mind as you go through your day, "I love you" and "thank you" for everything, and to everyone. After a few repetitions, as you focus on your heart, you are going to feel it.

Next, we need to know what we want and ask for it. We are creative beings, and everything in our lives, can be the product of our own wishes. The beautiful fact is, the past and future have nothing to do with our present experience, unless we continue to focus on it. Here’s an Abraham Hicks quote that explains it well.

"People often believe that because something happened, and because it is a fact or true, that it should be focused upon, and therefore kept vibrationally (how we feel) active. And so many people keep many things active that do not serve them (in their desire to feel good and have what they want).

If we were standing in your physical shoes, we would not keep something active in our vibration (feelings) just because it had happened. We would only keep things active that we want to repeat in our life experience." ~ Abraham-Hicks

This path of love is an incredibly simple way to "take back your power" and create an easy, happy, and fun life!

Have an absolutely magical week full of love, gratitude, and fun, fun, FUN!

~Mary Lynn Ziemer

If this message inspired you, please forward it to a friend, colleague, client, or family member to brighten their day as well!

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