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Are You "Going With the Flow"?

Going with the flow is responding to cues from the universe. When you go with the flow, you're surfing Life force. - Danielle LaPorte

Little Gems of Wisdom & Fun from Mary Lynn Ziemer

What does it truly mean to "go with the flow." Is it as easy as it sounds? Are you living your life in the flow right now, or does it feel like you’re rowing upstream, against the current? We all know the feeling that represents our life "in the flow." It’s that easy feeling that, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, whomever you’re with, everything is humming along for you. It just feels like the universe is perfectly aligned. You are moving with the current easily and effortlessly. Things are going your way. Everything is getting resolved so joyfully! It feels so good when things are "in the flow," and we always want more of it. Think about it a bit more. Think of a time recently when you felt this way. Were you more lighthearted? Were you smiling and laughing more? Did you feel more energized and focused, calmer? Perhaps you even noticed a greater sense of clear mindedness during this time. Did you feel better physically? Were others around you more loving and fun to be with? So, how can you get back to this feeling? How can you live your life "in the flow" all the time? The answer is quite simple. In fact, the answer is about simplifying your life! No, I don’t mean giving up all your belongings and running away to Bali, or becoming a monk and spending hours meditating every day. Although these alternatives could certainly work as well, the truth is that we can live our busy, exciting lives and still have that amazing calm mindset. We can be in the midst of everything that's going on around us and still be living in that beautiful, wonderful flow. You’ve likely experienced it at some point in your life, so you know it’s possible. In fact, it's possible to feel this way NOW and everyday! You just need to understand the simplicity that I am speaking of and be willing to make the simple choice that allows it... the choice of YOU feeling more LOVE. How do you do this from a practical point of view? In order to get into that positive flow of your life, to create what you truly desire, you need to know who you really are. When you understand that you are very powerful and that you are an unlimited creative being, everything around you moves forward in the direction you desire so much more easily. Since you are creating everything, the first step starts with you loving YOU more. When you feel more love for you, something amazing happens. When you open your heart to the love that you already are, you feel more confident in yourself and your own personal power. You feel aligned with that loving power that is in you, that is, in fact, the "real you", and you begin to make things happen more easily than ever before. You also have more clarity about yourself, your gifts and talents. And still more wonderful, you will have a wonderful impact on everyone around you. In feeling more love for yourself, you will easily feel more love for others.

Feeling love intensely is the key to developing the confidence that you have the ability to be, do, and have whatever it is that you truly desire. It is the key to you connecting with that power that you already are. This power of LOVE is just waiting for you to tap into it! Keeping a full "love tank" is the fuel that makes your fun world go around! The more love you feel, the faster things happen. The calmness that this feeling brings is the key to creating what we desire. It’s where the magic happens. Let me give you an example. Scott shares his story with you. After a long run, I found that I could barely walk and it felt like I was walking on sharp knives. I was diagnosed with heal spurs and acute plantar fasciitis and given cortisol treatments, inserts, and physical therapy. These treatments, along with avoiding running altogether, kept the flare ups at bay. When my gym closed in last March, I was forced to change my workout routine and running was one of my only options. The first run I took was fine, but after my second run I felt that pain beginning to return. I was bummed, what would I do now? Then I remembered Mary Lynn telling me that I was powerful, that I could change how my body reacted, and actually heal myself. I boldly took that leap of faith and went out for a three mile run. After 10 minutes I could feel my left foot tingle and begin to swell. I focused my mind and told myself “I am so grateful my feet feel amazing.” I said this about three times, focusing and knowing that what I was saying was real and true. The pain and swelling stopped. Not only did my feet feel great on the run, but I had no pain the rest of the day, nor the next day. Occasionally I do begin to feel the onset of a flare up, and I simply stop, focus, meditate with gratitude and love, and it disappears. Today I am a firm believer in miracles, they happen all the time. I know this because I create them, and I know that we all have this ability when we feel lots of love and gratitude for everyone and everything around us, including ourselves. How incredibly simple love is! Whatever you want, you just begin by feeling lots of love for yourself and that which you desire. Put a vivid picture in your mind of this outcome, and you will see it happen! So, start feeling love for everyone and everything in your life. Feel love for everything you look at, think about, and speak about (most importantly... you!), so you can maintain a full love tank every day.

Form a new habit by doing this on an hourly basis. Set the alarm on your phone for each hour of the day. When your phone sounds, take just 1-2 minutes and follow these 3 simple steps:

1) Put your hand on your heart and feel love for yourself.

2) Send love out to whatever or whomever you are focusing on in that very moment.

3) See the white light of love in your mind and feel love coming back to you.

Our mind is incredibly powerful. You are incredibly powerful! We are all more powerful than we can ever imagine. Remember, having a full love tank takes us to calm. And when our mind is calm, all of the magic begins to unfold. Now you’re living life in the flow!

Have an absolutely magical week full of love, gratitude and fun, fun, FUN!

~Mary Lynn Ziemer

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