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Adventure Awaits! It's Time to Get Excited

“New year—a new chapter, new verse, or just the same old story? Ultimately we write it. The choice is ours.” -Alex Morritt

Little Gems of Wisdom & Fun from Mary Lynn Ziemer

A New Year is upon us! As we look forward with optimism for an amazing year, many of us use this time as an opportunity to create fresh starts and new goals for ourselves. This year, why not take your life to a whole new level of creation?! You can make this year a true adventure and go beyond anything you have ever created before! This can be the most exciting year of your life if you choose. How? Because, what it looks like depends completely on you!

Now is the time to ask yourself... “What do I truly want?”

No matter who you are and what you do every day, now is the perfect time for you to choose your intention carefully. You are worthy and capable of all of the good and great things you can imagine, at every stage of your life. So, don’t wait another minute! Start living the life you want now. It is time to look at yourself and your life in a completely new way.

Defining dreams, setting intentions, and creating goals allows you to be in charge of your life. As we begin this process, it is important that you simply focus on what you want, not on how you will make it happen. For now, we want your true nature, that creative genius that you really are, to come out and play. For now, just trust yourself and know that you deserve all that you truly desire. We will come back to the "how” in a follow-up blog. Action is important, but one step at a time.

Define your goals for 2022! Try these 4 steps to help get you started:

1) Ask yourself: What do you want that will make you love your life this year? What is it that will really excite you? You can have the most fulfilling year of your life if you can imagine it (and if it makes you feel really good.) So, go for the ideal, perfect outcome... shoot for the Universe!

2) Clearly articulate what you want and dream BIG. When you dream bigger than ever before, you will set goals that will take you beyond anything you have ever achieved before. Small goals bring small results, realistic goals get you realistic results and a realistic life. But wouldn’t you love to experience the real adventure and “go for the gold”? Only big goals lead to big results! It's only when you think beyond anything that you ever thought possible will you create incredible things. I know this to be true and factual. I see it with my clients all the time!

3) Write your goals with "feel good" words included in them. Good feelings are what ultimately allow you to achieve your goals, so articulate those feelings with your words. As you read and write them, you will connect your positive energy to your intentions. You’ll find the clarity, inspiration, and focus needed to direct your thoughts, words, and actions toward achieving these goals. Harvard research has proven that writing your goals down will make you 1,000% more successful than those who don’t!

4) Write your goals down in the present tense, as though you already have them (and feel grateful for them!). For example, "I am SO thankful that my income for is $___ by (specific date)". Or, "I am so grateful that I am have an amazing relationship with (significant other, family member, etc.)" Get very specific when writing these goals and affirmations, and make sure those details make you feel good! Why? Because how you feel in that present moment, as you focus on your goals, determines how it evolves into the next moment. So, now is the only time that matters. Your feelings in this moment shape and determine the outcome that you'll have now and with your next experience as you move forward!

Please remember this... If you can imagine it, and you truly want it, you CAN have it! To achieve new, greater, and more wonderful things in any area of your life, you need to realize that everything starts with you. In order to create new things, you have to do things in a new way. You need to go beyond what you would normally do. Why not start today? I wish you a magical, Happy New Year...and for 2022 to be the best year of your life, one full of love, gratitude, and fun beyond anything you’ve ever experienced before!

~Mary Lynn Ziemer

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