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Your Most Important Habit

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit." - Aristotle

Little Gems of Wisdom & Fun from Mary Lynn Ziemer

Yes, we are creatures of habit. Research shows that 40% to 60% of our day is based on routine activity that we carry forward again to the next. Just think of the common phrase “your morning routine.” Do you know anyone who doesn’t have one? Habits and routines are a big part of our life. They make us feel comfortable and bring us feelings of peace and calm. They can also help us feel more organized and effective, as we complete our tasks more easily, and often automatically. So, it’s easy to imagine that, when you change a habit or add a new, positive one, you can truly change your life.

Let’s take advantage of our human nature and love for creating habits. Let’s make it work even more so in your favor. Here’s how you can create a life that you’ll love. One that's even more amazing and fun. Simply make a habit of finding pleasure in every present moment that you experience…all day long. You can do it. It just takes practice, and the rewards are oh so wonderful!

Remember, how you feel in this moment paves the way to your next. How you feel at this time determines how the present is going to evolve. When you feel good, when you are feeling love and gratitude, and when you are having fun, you are sure to discover that the moment you are in right now will advance and develop in the direction you want it to. In other words, if you feel great in the moment you are in, you will be sure to create great things!

Here’s how to begin:

1) Concentrate on the moment and the situation you are in. Focus on your life and what you can create right now, with whatever is going on that feels good and brings you peace. This requires that you leave the past where it belongs, in the past. The more you concentrate on now by making choices that feel good in the present moment, the more easily you will be able to take care of your future. The results will be amazing!

2) Bask in the delight of your life right now, and lead with love. Open your heart as you place your full attention on whatever activity you have at hand. Notice how much more calming it is to do one thing at a time, as you fully immerse your mind and energy in it, remembering to feel good. Recognize the beauty of the experience you are engaged in, and the nature that is around you. For example, feel the joy of connecting solely with those you are with, or in the simple act of whatever you are doing. It could be anything. If you're driving a car, take notice of the scenery, and feel gratitude that you have a car to drive. If you're eating a meal, pay attention and savor the taste the food, while feeling grateful for it. It could be engaging in a fun conversation, laughing at a joke, petting your cat or dog and feeling your love for them, etc. One thing at a time will get you started in the right direction. Just take the moment and feel the incredible joy that exists in the simple act of being.

3) Now, go one step further. No matter what you are doing at any given moment all day long, find something about it that feels loving, fun, or kind. Be present and feel grateful for that moment. It’s an easy habit to form with practice. Just say, "I love you and thank you" in your mind for that moment, for the person, the thing, and for yourself, whatever the experience encompasses. As you say this to yourself, you are saying it to every one of the 50 trillion cells in your body and it will feel good! Then, to top it off for an even greater dose of dopamine flow from your brain form a smile on your face and feel the joy in your heart as you keep it there. Finally, imagine what your life will feel like when you smile and laugh all day long! This is how you begin to create a habit that will change your life forever!

Have an absolutely magical week full of love, gratitude and fun, fun, FUN!

~Mary Lynn Ziemer

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