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This Might Change Your Mind

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

“The only person who can transform your life is the one you see every day in the mirror. Be you the one who shapes your own destiny.” -Federico Navarrete

Little Gems of Wisdom & Fun from Mary Lynn Ziemer

Research has proven that, when your brain receives input, it immediately goes in search of what you think, believe, and feel. Your mind chooses how to categorize and prioritize every single piece of information it receives based on these preconceived notions of what is most important. (Of what YOU have told it is important.) It then strings this information together, through your own personal filter, creating your "reality."

In other words... it means we are in charge of creating what shows up in our reality. Well, more specifically, our mind is in control. The beauty of this is... we get to control our own mind, and thereby control our own reality! (Keep reading for some amazing hacks on how to effectively do this.)

In her book “How Emotions Are Made. Secret Life of the Brain,” acclaimed neuroscientist Lisa Barrett Feldman explains how we create our world this way:

"That means in effect, that you construct the environment in which you live. You might think about your environment as existing in the outside world, separate from yourself, but that’s a myth. You (and other creatures) do not simply find yourself in an environment and either adapt or die. You construct your environment—your reality—by virtue of what sensory input from the physical environment your brain selects; it admits some as information and ignores some as noise."

Take these steps for a quicker "mind-hack" and start creating the reality you want:

1. LET GO of the past. Sometimes we think that things are happening to us because our previous experiences have imprinted themselves on us and shaped us into who we are now. However, the very best news I can share with you is that your past has absolutely nothing to do with your future! What you feel presently is actually what shapes your future. Let go of the past as it relates to your views, opinions, and perceptions about others, about yourself, or about how certain situations show up in your life.

Yes really... just LET IT GO! You are the only one choosing to hang onto these beliefs, you also have the power to let them go. This will open up SO many wonderful possibilities for you! How can you begin to do this most easily? Begin by setting the intention to stay in the present, feeling only love, with feel-good thoughts. The mere act of putting it out to the Universe, by asking for it, will help keep you in line with what you want. Practice makes perfect, so just do your best to keep at it.

2. Change your story, change your mind. Create a new, very specific story for yourself that feels really good. Visualize it and own it! As you begin to live this story, you will find yourself in a calm mindset.... and that's where your power lies.

3. This is the key: KNOW your power and put all of your focus on it. You are the author of your own book. So fill the pages with whatever you desire! Even if you have evidence of a past behavior in someone that you would like to change (or in yourself) ... remember, you are letting that go! It's time to move forward. 4. Have a good laugh. Laughter can be truly magical. It's an amazing way to pivot into a new state of mind. Laughter has physical, medicinal qualities that will bring us back to a state of calm and joy. Try to find humor in a circumstance or go to a resource that often makes you laugh. Even though a situation might feel extreme, have a good laugh at yourself if you can. Every situation can be changed with a little creativity!

5. Feel the love. You need to become the kindest and the most loving person to yourself, and then extend that same treatment to everyone and everything else around you.You’ll know you are living your power when you feel there is nothing to let go of anymore. You simply and naturally know to move forward in love as you focus on what you want to create next.

Follow these steps and you'll start to change your mind and your mindset to one of calm. With this new, powerful mind, you will begin to see the magic happen right in front of you!

Have an absolutely magical week full of love, gratitude and fun, fun, FUN!

~Mary Lynn Ziemer

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