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The Truth about Reality

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” Henry Ford

Little Gems of Wisdom & Fun from Mary Lynn Ziemer

Creating your reality is so much more literal than most understand. And it can be easier than you think! We are always telling ourselves stories and going on journeys. So, ask yourself, “Do these journeys take me to places I want to go?" Are you on your road to joy each day, thrilled to be alive, and getting whatever it is that you truly want?

Remember, we create everything based on how we feel. And those feelings are attached to our beliefs. Beliefs begin with our thoughts, are reinforced with our words, then played out through our actions. (Learn more about beliefs in last week's blog.) Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, a Harvard trained neural-anatomist, commented at a conference a few years ago, “The brain wants to please us, we just have to tell it what we want.” This requires the repetition of good feeling thoughts, words, and actions. We have an unlimited imagination and we must use it to realize a life that we will love.

So, what's the truth about reality? First, you must get crystal clear about what you want your reality to look like. We are always creating these stories (beliefs) in our mind, so be certain they are stories about what you truly want.

For example, let's say you want your reality to include great health:

  • You must first focus on (and feel good) about your health today, and know that is a blessing. When you think of your body and specifically what you appreciate about it, send it love.

  • Feel love for your body. Feel the life that it holds for you and be ever so grateful!

  • Speak of your body with love in your own mind and when you speak to others.

  • Feel gratitude unlike anything you have ever felt before! Smile with thankfulness and joy about all the amazing experiences your body brings you! Can you walk, run, dance, or simply stand up?

  • Feel how wonderful it is to eat things that you love. Does your body process those nutrients and give you energy?

  • Can you hear the music of a bird whistling to its mate? Can you hear the loving voice of a child that is singing their special song?

  • Can you see a beautiful sunrise or sunset?

  • There are so many more incredible experiences that many of us share. Now think for a moment now about all that you appreciate about your body, and add these to the list. Put your hand on your heart and feel love for you and your body that is holding the essence of who you really are, a magnificent spectacular physical being that has a powerful mind and loving spirit within.

  • Repeat these truths again often!

You must first be sure to feel good about the situation you are experiencing currently in order to create your perfect reality. It works the same way for relationships that you want to improve, jobs that you want to have, money that you want to make, etc.

So, any time you look at a person or any situation as you are in it, decide how you want it or them to be. What does the perfect outcome look like? Remember, changing a situation or a person depends purely on YOU. When you change your thoughts, words, and actions towards the situation or the person, they will change because you have changed your belief about them. In other words, you need to feel really good about them. So the question I would ask you is this? How quickly can you change how you feel about that person. You have to believe it before you will see it!

How fast do you want to create what you desire? The answer is simple! How quickly can you change how you feel about what you currently have?

The faster we change how we feel, the faster we achieve what we desire. ONLY when we feel good, can we create what it is that we want. We must let go of anything that feels otherwise.

So, what can we do to change our feelings?

Love, gratitude, and fun are the most important elements in changing our feelings. Experiencing these in the moment you are living will always take us to a calm mindset, and that’s where the magic happens!

The more love we feel…the more gratitude we feel…the more fun we have... the faster we are going to create beliefs and stories that make our dreams come true!

Have an absolutely magical week full of FUN, FUN, FUN!

~Mary Lynn Ziemer

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