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The "Happiness" Secret Revealed

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success." -Herman Cain

Little Gems of Wisdom & Fun from Mary Lynn Ziemer

What do you expect when you wake up each morning? Do you wake up expecting and believing that today is the best day of your life? Do you wake up with gratitude on your mind for what you already have? Do you set a tone for your day with "thanks in advance" for what you desire? Do you specifically focus on a day full of LOVE and FUN integrated into each and every activity you have planned? Do you go through your day scripting each and every segment in front of you, while feeling lots of love for it all?

"Happy people" use specific strategies that allow them to feel empowered and in charge of their lives. They have great confidence that whatever they want is achievable, and all they need to do is wake up today with a plan to create the life they want and follow through with it. They expect to make each new day the best day possible... one filled with joy, fun, and created from a foundation of gratitude and love. In other words, they live from their heart and they use their imagination.

Remember, you create what you expect! So, be sure to give thanks for the incredible day you have in front of you as soon as you wake up. Say to yourself:

"I am so grateful that today is the best day of my life! I create everything I want with ease, and I live in the flow.”

Now see in your mind whatever it is that you desire and feel lots of love for all of it….you, the people involved, the situation you want to create, and the perfect outcome.

Say it and see it with feelings of joy and gratitude and you are off to a great start. As you do, know that you are the power that creates your life in any way you want it to be! And, always remember, you create your life based on how you feel. So, in order to create this amazing and incredible life, you must have a consistent and solid foundation of happiness and joy. When your love tank is full, your mind is calm. When you are calm, you’re living from your place of power.

Mary Lynn recently did a podcast interview with Jessica Bunevacs about

"The Power of Happiness"...listen at the link below!

Now, just imagine what more there is for you as you begin to tap into even more of that power of your mind, which starts with being authentically happy. You can grow and evolve in ways you never expected. You can realize the life you truly desire. This is the adventure of going beyond anything you have likely ever imagined before, and it’s all possible for each and every one of us!

Have an absolutely magical week full of love, gratitude, and fun, fun, FUN!

~Mary Lynn Ziemer

If this message inspired you, please forward it to a friend, colleague, client, or family member to brighten their day as well!

Need help feeling more joy today? Contact me for an initial Coaching session at (239) 444-3133.

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