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Happy Holidays! - A Christmas Story

“Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love.” –Hamilton Wright Mabie

Little Gems of Wisdom & Fun from Mary Lynn Ziemer

A friend told me this Christmas Story years ago, and I’d like to share it with you during this wonderful holiday season. It goes like this:

It was Christmas day and a family of three, father, mother and their teenage daughter, were about to sit down to a Christmas dinner. The mother looked through the window in their home and she saw three men sitting on a bench. It was a very cold and snowy day and it looked like that bench was where they were going to spend that special day. The mother turned to her husband and suggested, “Let’s invite them in for Christmas dinner.” Her husband agreed.

The woman went outside and approached the men. "We are about to have Christmas dinner and we would love for you to join us”, she said. The men thanked her and then one of them replied, “But you see, only one of us can come to dinner. I am Wealth, this is Success and he is Love”, the first on the bench said as he pointed to the other men. "Can you go and talk it over with your family and decide which one of us you would like to have come?"

The lady turned around and went back to her house. She repeated to her family what the man had told her. “Let’s invite Wealth,” she said. “How about inviting Success?”, asked her husband. The daughter said: “I’d like to invite Love. It is Christmas”, she added. Her mother and her father looked at her; “You’re right”, they agreed. “Let’s invite Love.”

The mother went back outside and approached the men again. She said, “We would love to have all of you visit with us for dinner, but if only one of you can come, we’d like to invite Love.” The lady turned and started to walk towards her house. Love then stood up and started walking towards her house too. Then… Success stood up and started walking… then Wealth got off the bench and followed as well. The lady stopped and turned around. “But…I thought you told me that only one of you could come”, she said.

Love replied: Wherever Love goes, everything else follows.

The simple point of this story is that this is how it works: When we feel love everything else follows.

These examples show us how powerful we are when we feel more love!

Several of my realtor clients use this technique for successfully listing and selling homes.

They send love to all parts of the home, and to the owners, and they see the outcome they want in their mind. They imagine a person, couple, or family moving in that is so excited about the home. As a result, one client increased her income 5 times over in just one year as she made a conscious effort every day to more consistently feel love in many ways within her business practice.

Another client was in the midst of a divorce. In the weeks leading up to a court hearing which would determine the spousal and child support to be paid, they meditated and visualized a win/win with fairest outcome for both parties. It was scripted in their mind, and they sent love to everyone involved. They felt calm and this allowed them to feel that it was a done deal. They felt so good and full of love. During the four-hour hearing, the judge poured over all the details provided. At the end, the judge gave my client the wonderful gift of win/win, the fair outcome he visualized for both parties. He celebrated with such an intense feeling of gratitude and appreciation afterward.

Another client recently injured himself while lifting weights at the gym. His girlfriend thought he should see a doctor because she suspected he had a hernia. My client, instead, used daily meditation to visualize his goal of feeling wonderful with perfect health, and sent love to his body every day for a few weeks. One day, while he listened to a relaxing YouTube video and focused on feeling love and calm in his body, the injury simply disappeared!

My friend’s young son had a situation at preschool. Another little boy was unkind to him and other children every day. She told her son to say “I love you” to that little boy when he was speaking to him. He did just that, and the other little boy stopped picking on him immediately.

Another client used the same technique when his wife would wake up unhappy in the morning. He followed my advice by replying with a simple and sincere, “I love you” to her words. She smiled and became more lighthearted after that.

We all have this ability to illuminate our heart center and feel more love, both for ourselves and others.

A Gift For You!

My holiday gift to you is a FREE download of my Heart Meditation.

Download it by December 31 2021 by using the code "HOLIDAYHEART" and you will receive a 100% discount. This calming meditation will open your heart to the love that you are at any time during your day. You’ll feel relaxed and empowered.

Love is the only power that is so gentle and yet it is the most powerful of all.

Whatever it is that we truly want in our heart, having it begins with feeling more love.

If we want that job that makes our heart sing, we just need to feel more love.

If we want to make more money, we need to feel more love. If we want to heal ourselves, we must feel more love. If we want to have more wonderful relationships, we must feel more love.


Because we create all of these things in our lives based on how we feel. So, if we want to take our lives to a completely new level…LOVE IS THE TRUTH. It is the answer to everything!

As the Beatles said. “All you need is love!"

Have an absolutely magical week full of love, gratitude and fun, fun, FUN!

~Mary Lynn Ziemer

If this message inspired you, please share this link with a friend, colleague, client, or family member to brighten their day as well!

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