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“We are most alive when we’re in love.”~John Updike

Little Gems of Wisdom & Fun from Mary Lynn Ziemer

How can you get to that “relationship paradise” that you so long for? How can you create a romantic relationship for yourself that gives you goose bumps? Is it possible to turn a tired, old relationship into something new, exciting, loving, fun and alive? One that brings out the very best in both of you? There is a way! Read on.

First and foremost, work on feeling more alive deep within you, by loving you with every fiber of your being! Then you can truly feel that soulful joy of being in love with another.

Your romantic life begins with the self-talk that you engage in. It begins when you believe in yourself and your self-worth, when you say only positive and loving things about yourself and another, You can then use the magic formula of love and calm to create the romantic relationship that you not only desire, but you deserve. Only when you cherish yourself wholly, even the parts of you that you wish were different, will you create an emotionally healthy partner and establish a foundation of well-being and joy. When you respect and honor yourself more than ever before, that romantic partner that you choose will respect and honor your uniqueness and brilliance too. They will see you as the incredible and magnificent you that you already are at your core.

Now, you’re ready to ask for what you want, when you want it! How? Honor your amazing power to create anything that you hold within your consciousness. Feel lots and lots of love for the person and situation that is dear to your heart, and that you wish to create. Remember, you create everything in your world based on how you feel. So, be sure that the thoughts and beliefs that you are holding, the words you are speaking, and the actions you are taking feel really good to you. See this new relationship as amazing!

Know that your mind is a very powerful tool that, when used with love, makes all things possible. So be clear about what you want and write down a description of your ideal relationship with your partner in detail. Enjoy the feeling of true love as you think about it and imagine it. Be outrageous in requesting and expecting your true desires to be fulfilled. Be specific about the characteristics you would like to see them have, about the activities you would engage in, and the depth of your conversation and passions together. See a snapshot in your mind that represents the moment you know you have achieved it .

Then, focus on this new character script every day, only in a way that feels good to you. Focus on the words and that picture with a sure and calm mindset. See this new person in your mind’s eye and have unwavering faith that your patience is creating what you want in the fastest way possible. Take the inspired action that your intuition guides you to take. Know that it is a done deal and it will be.

Everything in our lives starts with the right mindset. It will create all the magnificent things that we want. That right mindset starts with the feeling of love and gratitude for you, and everyone and everything else in your life. Those feelings create calmness and that calmness is the key to seeing your dreams and goals become your new reality. The calmer you are the more amazing your life becomes. That calmness is the state of mind required to create truly magical relationships, romantic and otherwise.

If this message inspired you, please forward it to a friend, colleague, client, or family member to brighten their day as well!

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