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The Power in Simplicity

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”

~ Confucius

Little Gems of Wisdom & Fun from Mary Lynn Ziemer

Life is actually so simple when we step back from it, see the truth of it, and see how it works. So is love. It is the most powerful and abundant resource, and the most simple and profound ability that we all have. And it is available to us everyday. It flows through everything, we just need to see it. When we do, we can experience and feel the love that is everywhere, and it can turn our world around. It can create miracles because it has such unimaginable power. And that is the simple truth!

So, why not apply this simple and powerful feeling called love more intensely than ever before, to our own world, everyday!

Everything we desire is there for us when we feel lots of love. Science has proven that we create our reality based on what we feed our brains and how it makes us feel. Everything we create in our lives is based on how we feel! When we feel good, when we feel love, we create what we desire in our minds first, then in our reality. The more love we feel, and the more intensely we feel it, the more amazing things we create for ourselves and others. It is that simple.

Today, say yes to happiness and love. Today, open yourself up to simplicity. Today, unleash the natural power that we have all been given.

How? Feel more love than ever before for everyone and everything, including yourself. If you aren’t already doing this, begin a simple new practice today. When you are finished reading this post, put your hand on your heart and say to yourself:

"I feel more love now than I’ve ever felt before, and I share it with everyone and everything that I come into contact with today. I love myself. I AM love."

Repeat this to yourself over and over again with your hand on your heart. As you feel the tingling warmth of your hand on your heart, know that you are unleashing the electromagnetic energy of the 40,000 most powerful cells in your body. Understand that you are sending signals to the brain that release oxytocin, the wonderful love hormone, into your brain and body. When it is released into the brain, it makes you feel good. Oxytocin is known to reduce stress responses, including anxiety, so use it often, throughout your day. You will feel better and better everyday until you begin to feel absolutely wonderful.

Make this a habit as you wake up every morning. Try it before you get out of bed. Start your day this way and see how much better you feel and how you impact yourself and everyone around you.

Have an absolutely magical week full of love, gratitude, and fun, fun, fun!

~Mary Lynn Ziemer

If this message inspired you, please forward it to a friend, colleague, client, or family member to brighten their day as well!

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