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Fun + Action = a Powerful Combination

"If you're not having fun - I don't care what you're doing - don't do it. Move on. Find something else, life's too short." ~Jerry Doyle

Little Gems of Wisdom & Fun from Mary Lynn Ziemer

We often think that, through working hard, giving 200%, and managing the stress of it all, we will be successful.... and ultimately happy. The truth is, it works the other way around. When you are happy and having FUN with what you do every day, you will be truly successful! When you work hard and have a balanced life, but are starting from a place of fun, you will reap much greater results. You are actually working smarter when you’re having fun, because the actions you take have a much greater impact.

So, take action now and have fun with it! Fun and action are a winning combination. These are two of the most important things to give consideration to as you think about your daily life, especially as you build a business. Having fun with what you do every day is a necessary ingredient for your wellbeing. You deserve true happiness in every facet of your life, including work.

Never underestimate the importance of's so powerful! When we are joyful, when we have fun, we create what we want. Having fun actually allows us to become calm, and calmness is the key to creating things in our life. So, it's time to start having more fun!!!

Here are some Harvard research results that prove the importance of fun.

Researcher, psychologist, and author Shawn Achor, shows that happiness produces results. In his video “The Happy Secret to Better Work” (I've included a link to watch at the end), Shawn shares these study results:

When you are happy, you make 37% more money, your customer satisfaction levels are 42% greater, your productivity is 15% higher, and you have 31% less stress.

Wow! Who doesn’t want to make more money and have more satisfied clients, all while being happy?

It's no coincidence that people who love what they do are so often very successful. When you change your perspective to “having fun” with your clients rather than “working” with them, you will create more clients. And you just need ONE to get you started. Have fun with one client at a time, enjoying that client, and feeling gratitude for them. This focus on having fun in the present moment, one client at a time, will bring you more!

Whatever it is that you do, you need to see the fun that you will have with it. Prepare for the fun in advance if you need to. Think about it and visualize what having fun looks like with your clients. How can you make them laugh and smile?

Put a picture in your mind and feel lots of love for that fun outcome.

Do you want to have an awesome relationship? Visualize the fun you are going to have together. Do you want to make more money? Be sure to see a snapshot in your mind of the fun you are going to have when you have the money. See the picture of a new car that you are driving, or envision the trip you take.

Being truly successful means having what you deeply desire in every aspect of your life. And the only way you can get that is by being authentically happy, first. This starts with feeling good and having fun.

How can you have more joy at work, at home, and in every other aspect of your life?

Take action today, and take it from the perspective of fun! Change how you think about success now. Stop thinking about it the old way, and know that if you are happy first, and having lots of fun with all your actions all day long, you will get the results you want in every way.

Have an absolutely magical week full of love, gratitude and fun, fun, fun!

~Mary Lynn Ziemer

If this message inspired you, please forward it to a friend, colleague, client, or family member to brighten their day as well!

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