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Advance Your Goals with Action and Calm

"Yesterday I was clever, I wanted to change the World. Today I am wise, I’m changing myself." ~Rumi

Before you read this week's Little Gems of Wisdom & Fun, watch this 2 minute video clip to hear a first hand account of the power of "calm" and "action." One of my clients, Stacey Reed, was not only able to advance her goals... but was able to create some true "miracles" in her life!

*Update: Since the time of this video recording, Stacey went on to become the top producer at her real estate firm just years later. She and her husband also expanded their beautiful family to their dream size just last year. Stacey and Matt continue to create a life full of happiness and joy, in every way they desire!

Little Gems of Wisdom & Fun from Mary Lynn Ziemer

Autumn is just around the corner, and it reminds us that everything in our life is always moving forward, developing, and evolving. At the same time, we must remember how vital it is to embrace the present moment. By doing this, we can savor and celebrate what we have already created, and watch it further advance into our desired direction.

It also feels good at this time of year to think of new beginnings. We can feel the excitement of what we still want to experience this year, and the things we’d like to accomplish. This is the perfect time to review the goals we’ve set for ourselves. It’s a great time to reflect and get more clarity about what we still want to achieve, and to pat ourselves on the back for all we have already done.

How are your action plans working out for you so far this year? Here are a few steps you can take to be sure you’re getting the results you want.

1) Reset. Get more clarity, if need be, about your goal. The momentum begins with committing to a goal that is uniquely yours, one that you love. You’ll know it by how good it makes you feel as you think about it and imagine the outcome that you are striving for.

2) Write it down. It’s been proven that people who set goals and write them down get far better results. Actually, 1,000% better, according to a famous Harvard study, than those who just think about their goals and those who don’t have any goals at all. Writing your goal statements and affirmations on a daily basis, while following through on the opportunities that present themselves along the way, are requirements to seeing your goals and dreams come true quickly.

3) Have positive thoughts. Dream big and believe that it is possible. No matter what you want… more money, better health, more loving relationships, finding your purpose, or a new career that feeds your soul… everything starts with the goals that you set. Dream BIG, then get practical. Feel the joy as you imagine having the thing you desire most in your life. Even though you don’t have it yet, imagine that you do. ☺ You must believe that you can achieve it. No matter how big or small your dream is, you can achieve it IF you truly want it and WHEN you are patient.

4) Take inspired, fun, and focused action to get you started. Take actions every day in pursuit of your highest dreams. Start with small steps that you know you can commit to, and be sure to make it fun, as there is always a way. FUN is a key ingredient to the winning strategy. Having fun is a huge advantage for you as you move through the process. You will find it much easier to stay on track when you feel true joy both in thinking about and acting on your goal. Now, when you add inspiration to the mix, which always comes from calm, you will feel the KNOWING within you that it is happening. This is when you are certain to see your dream come true.

5) Pick a mantra to repeat over and over in your mind throughout your day. By creating a new story in your mind that feels good to you, you’ll rewire your neural pathways. You will allow the filter in your brain to show you a new reality... one that you will love so much more.

For example, "I am so grateful that I have a thriving and wildly profitable business. All my clients love what I do for them and they always refer other wonderful clients to me."

Or, “Thank you! I have the most amazing, loving, committed and fun relationship with _____ We always cherish our time together.”

Remember, you create everything in your life by the way you feel in the present moment. So, deliberately make choices and take actions that make you feel good. It always takes you to a calmer mindset and that’s when you create more of what you want the most quickly. The key is to maintain that calmness throughout the day so your experiences evolve into exactly what you want.

Have an absolutely magical day full of love, gratitude and fun!

~Mary Lynn Ziemer

If this message inspired you, please forward it to a friend, colleague, client, or family member to brighten their day as well!

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