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Flip the Switch to Joy

"Our key to transforming anything lies in our ability to reframe it." ~Marianne Williamson

As you feel more and more true happiness in your life, you will have more confidence to transform the course of a situation to the outcome you truly desire.

It is now time to feel empowered, take charge, and assume a leadership position. How?

"Reframe and Refocus"

Here’s an example that shows us how powerful we really are, when we learn to "Flip the Switch to Joy" and build a foundation of deep happiness, joy, and calm. This is a delightful client story… a true miracle from her perspective.

My client’s son was failing school and was required to attend and pass summer school if he wanted to advance to the next grade. I asked her what she wanted the outcome to be? As you can imagine, she wanted her son to pass the year by completing all the requirements of summer school, which wasn’t going so well at the time. Her son had hours and hours of study activities that needed to be completed, and he wasn’t focused or motivated to complete them in a timely manner.

She said with just one week of summer school left, she would like her son to feel motivated and inspired to complete the work and turn it in on time. But, how could he do this with so little time left and no motivation evident all summer long?

I asked her to see past the present situation, the current reality, and picture in her mind what she would like to happen. She also needed to change how she felt about her son’s performance in school, overall. She needed to see him as having the potential to be an outstanding student: as an "A" student in this case. In one short weekend, my client’s son completed the work required to pass summer school and he told his mom that he just felt motivated to do it all over the weekend. My client was amazed that all she had to do was focus consistently on her new story (with her thoughts, words, and actions), and feel really good about it. From just this, she was able to see the results she wanted for him so much.

A few months later, my client texted me when her son came home with his first semester report card. She said, “I just wanted to share some joyful news with you. My son got all A's and B’s on his report card and an 'A' in math!” He passed his semester with flying colors.

Why did this work so well for my client? Because she focused her mind on what she wanted the outcome of the situation to be. As she put her attention on the perfect outcome, she felt good, which in turn brought her calm. Her calmness brought her a sense of knowing, and she created what she wanted.

So, anytime you have a situation in your life that you want to change, or take to another, fun level, be sure you ask yourself this important question: "What would I like the outcome of this situation to be?" As you repeatedly shift your focus from what you have in front of you (and truly leave it in the past where it belongs) to picturing what you truly desire, you will feel better and become calmer. That calmness is the key success factor to accomplishing what you really want. Calmness is the magical mindset.

To summarize...

1. Start with a written statement, clarifying what you want.

2. Create a picture of the end result in your mind.

3. Get excited about it.

4. Feel grateful for it as though you already have it.

5. Feel lots of love for yourself, others involved, and the situation overall.

It's time to move on with a feeling of joy for the possibility that you choose! So, "flip the switch" in your mind, and focus with joy!

If this message inspired you, please forward it to a friend, colleague, client, or family member to brighten their day as well!

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