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How to Transform Relationships

“Remember, nothing will change until you do.” ~Jack Canfield

The first step in transforming all kinds of relationships (friends, family, colleagues, significant others, etc.) is simply to begin looking for the good in everything others do...and compliment them!

You are assured to get more of what you want in your relationships as you form this new habit. Notice what people around you do well, and share your feedback about them with others. Smile as you spread only kind words and good news about others, and notice how good it makes YOU feel too. Be relentless with this change in yourself and you will get results!

Commit to this new way of relating to others in your life: only engage in positive conversations about a third party. Hold true to this rule. Stay silent if necessary to help you get started with this new way of engaging. Only speak positively about another who is not present. In fact, make a conscious effort to say something nice about them. It’s important to be authentic in order for you to feel good though, so look a little more closely with an open heart. Search below the surface of your current view to find the golden nugget. There is always something good about another if you look closely enough. Look from a perspective of love and openess to unlimited possibilities. Make it a requirement of yourself and see how much better you feel, immediately.

And what happens when you do this? Not only do you and the recipients of your kindness feel great, but you begin to truly see the perfection in others. And they, in turn, will see the perfection in you! They will easily love and appreciate you more and more.

As you expect this and feel more love (by focusing with your thoughts, words and actions, solely on what you like), you’ll see even more of it. Little by little, or perhaps all at once, the other stuff will stop existing. It’s true! I have any number of clients who have created miracles of this nature with their bosses, colleagues, friends, and family members.

Remember, what you are focusing on is making you feel a certain way. And how you feel will either get you the outcome you want, or not. So, be sure that you pay attention to only what you want when it comes to your perception of others. In other words, their positive traits and actions will grow as you love yourself more and hold a newfound belief about them.

When you see the results with just one person, you will want to take the next step and expand it to everyone in your life.

Practice kindness and love everyday, to yourself first, then to everyone else. As you do this, you will feel overwhelming happiness, joy, and a beautiful sense of calm. You’ll start to see real miracles occur in your relationships with others!

If this message inspired you, please forward it to a friend, colleague, client, or family member to brighten their day as well!

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