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The Perfect Job

"Trade your expectations for appreciation, and the world changes instantly." ~ Tony Robbins

Little Gems of Wisdom & Fun from Mary Lynn Ziemer- 8/07/2017

The "Perfect" Job

Do you wake up each morning, overflowing with excitement about your job? Is it something fun and meaningful for you? Something that gives you purpose and brings you joy? Or, is it "just work"?

The truth is that you can have that "perfect job", no matter what you are doing right now! With the right mindset you can have the job of your that satisfies you every day. A job that you look forward to, and that you are immensely successful at. I have clients who have done it, so I know firsthand that you can too!

How do you begin? Here are some simple steps to follow.

  1. Know what you want. Be clear about what it looks like.

2. Make this your focus throughout your day by creating a mantra that you repeat over and over during the day. For example, “I am so grateful that I have…(the name of the job you want)." Repeat it over and over, a hundred times a day. This simple exercise will create a belief in you, and ultimately a knowing, that you can get that job.

3. Stay focused on what you want, imagining that it is already yours. Our mind is very powerful and it does not know the difference between our current reality and our imagination. So, hold your attention to a picture that represents the outcome that you want.

4. Even if you aren’t enjoying your current job or situation, feel gratitude for what you already have. In order to get the best job of your life, you have to feel good. There are always things to be grateful for in every circumstance. Anytime you want something new or better, the fastest way to getting it is by being grateful for what you already have. Focus on the positive aspects of what makes you feel good every day.

5. Start taking the action required. Ask yourself what you can do today to get the momentum started. Clean up your resume. Reach out to your contacts, do some networking and go online to check out job sites. Be diligent in pursuing whatever ideas come to your mind.

6. As the job opportunity appears that excites you, tell yourself that it is the perfect job for you, and that it is your job. No matter how many other people apply for the job you must stay focused on knowing that you are a perfect match for this job and that everyone you talk to knows it too. Continue with your mantra all day long.

The key is the consistency in follow-through. These steps will take you to a place of calm "knowing" that your dream job is yours. Taking action with a feeling of certainty and patience is critical to making it happen. When you feel that you look, act, and have what it takes for the job, you are on your way.

And remember, you create your life based on how you feel. When you focus on things that make you feel good everyday and let go of the rest, you are leading your life in the right direction for you. Then, your life will reflect what you feel inside and you’ll get that perfect job because your thoughts words and actions are all aligned creating the right mindset.

If this message inspired you, please forward it to a friend, colleague, client, or family member to brighten their day as well!

Need help feeling more joy today? Contact me for a FREE initial Coaching session at (239) 444-3133.

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