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Have the right mindset.

"The mind is everything. What you think, you become." ~Buddha

Hopefully you understand the power you hold when you are actively “thinking about what you are thinking about.” It is important to make an effort to monitor and even master your thoughts toward the positive, bringing them back to the present moment. Why? Because your thoughts are creating how you feel and your emotions are creating your world. So, “woo hoo” for happy thoughts!”

Yes! Neuroscience and positive psychology studies have found numerous ways you can rewire your brain to be more positive, creative, calm, and more productive. You can create the circumstances and results in your personal and professional life that you desire. Beginning with these “happy thoughts,” you are ultimately creating a new, amazing reality… a life that you love!

Once you realize how your thoughts, and the power of your feelings attached to them, are creating your life, you must consistently fill your mind with thoughts that make you feel good... and eliminate those that don't. Learn to release and let go, forgive and forget, so you can place in your mind the outcome that you truly want.

How? Create a new story for a situation or person that may be a challenge for you. Create a story that feels good for that includes love and gratitude for all of the good that already exists. You just have to change your perspective and shift to thoughts that feel better. “Flip the Switch to Joy,” let go of the past or future, and live in the only precious moment that you have. The one called NOW. This is where you are creating your life from!

Need help feeling more joy today? Contact me for a FREE initial Coaching session at (239) 444-3133.

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