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Find good in every thankful for it and watch it grow

"If you concentrate on finding whatever is good in every situation, you will discover that your life will suddenly be filled with gratitude, a feeling that nurtures the soul." ~Harold Kushner

This week, live life more deliberately in the present moment to get what you want. Have fun, and be grateful for everything you have in this moment. Then, watch all of those blessings multiply for you. When you are grateful for what you already have, with certainty, you will always receive more of it. Why? Because it feels soooo good to be grateful (it’s one of the strongest feelings of love) and your good feelings are at the root of you creating whatever it is that you want. So keep focusing on the people, circumstances and things you have in your life right now that you are enjoying and more of it will come your way.

Pay attention to your life as it is unfolding in the present moment. You will feel better when you get out of the old "auto-pilot" mode and bask in the delight of your life that is in front of you now. Try breaking out of any thoughts you have of the past unless they make you feel really good. Let go of the need to think about where you are going next and what you will be doing, and bring yourself back to now.

How? Our day is a sum of precious moments and experiences. We have lots of moments in our lives that we can more deeply experience in a joyful way when we decide to give them our full attention. First, take a deeper breath, open your eyes and truly see all the beauty around you. “See” the magnificence of the human being you are speaking to, the flower on the tree at the side of the road as you drive by, or the joyful flight of a bird overhead.

Even when you have created a difficult moment, you can take the high road. Cut yourself some slack and remind yourself that you are doing the best you can. Know that the situation is just temporary.

Remind yourself that everything always works out. Then “Flip the Switch to Joy", to your preferred outcome and feel the wonderful possibility of it happening. Put thoughts of gratitude in your mind as though it has already happened. The more you enjoy the moment as you are in it, the more you will create the moment the way you want it to be.

Remember, love is at the heart of true fun. When you are truly having fun, and living in the present moment, feelings of love and calm will always prevail and that’s when you get what you want!

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