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Little Gems of Wisdom & Fun - "Life Should Be Fun!"

"Never, ever underestimate the importance of having fun." ~ Randy Pausch

Life should be fun!

Why do we strive for fun in our life? Why do we wait in pleasure, looking forward to the moments of fun to come? Having true fun brings out the child in you! It is in our nature as a creative being to want to experience our lives without worry of the past or concern for the future. "Fun" brings you into the present moment, allowing you to enjoy whatever experience is in front of you right now, just like a child would. "Fun" is the sheer delight that you feel as you create with your imagination and choose thoughts, words, and actions of joy. It is the moments that make you feel good and bring you peace. This is your true nature: childlike love, imagination and adventure at your core. Starting today, be more like a child! Live in the present moment and do your best to feel good by focusing on whatever you have in front of you, with fun. Place your full attention on what you are doing. The more you find a way to enjoy the moment that you are in, the more peace you will have now. Focus on the positive about your situation, put a smile on your face and be grateful for what you are doing. And if that seems impossible, stop for a moment and think about something else that makes you smile. There is always an alternative to a lack of fun. You just have to change your thought to a more positive fun one. Figure out what gives you joy in your activities today. Allow yourself to have more fun and feel happiness all the time. Finding this happiness is a very important step, because when you feel great, you create more of what you want! Make a conscious choice to use your life as a catalyst for fun. Select wisely things that bring you good feelings of happiness, peace, and love. See yourself doing the impossible. And remember, the fastest way to success lies in having gratitude for the fun of whatever you are doing. So, have fun and be grateful about absolutely EVERYTHING!

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