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Tell the Story You Want to Live

“It is natural that by knowing what you do not want, you are able to clarify what you do want; and there is nothing wrong with identifying a problem before beginning to look for a solution. But many people, over time, become problem oriented rather than solution oriented, and in their examination and explanation of the problem, they continue the perpetuation of the problem. That which is like unto itself, is drawn—so tell the story you want to live and you will eventually live it."

~Abraham Hicks

Little Gems of Wisdom & Fun from Mary Lynn Ziemer

You are immensely powerful! You have this amazing faculty called your imagination. It gives you the ability to construct your future experiences. So, why waste time overanalyzing what’s in front of you if you aren’t enjoying it? Instead, why not use that time to create a new perspective, a new story that truly defines your heart’s deepest desires? Realize that the only limits to your imagination are those that you place on it.

Where you are right now, at this very moment, is simply the beginning of the creation for your next experience and all your future experiences. Know that you do not have to repeat something again and again that you don’t enjoy. In order to get a different outcome, you just need to see something different in your mind. Apple CEO and legendary entrepreneur, Steve Jobs, understood the concept of not putting limits on your dreams. He applied this to his own success, and advised others to do this as well. When a Disney executive was hired to revitalize the Disney stores, he turned to Jobs—Disney’s largest shareholder at the time—for advice. Jobs' response? Dream bigger.

No matter what your dream is in this moment, big or small, this present moment is the beginning point. And it will evolve into something so much better when you shift to thoughts that make you feel good and when you let your imagination go crazy! You will be amazed at the real life experiences that you can “cook up.” Something crazy, cool, and fun can happen at any moment!

Remember, it is not the situation you find yourself in that is most important, but the mindset you have. That mindset is determined by how you feel. It sets the path for how the present moment unfolds and evolves. How you feel shapes your outcome, the one that you want to create at that very moment. And the very best news of all is this: Your feelings are yours... and you can change them in any way you want!

Know that you are capable of anything! It’s time to wave your magic wand and tap into your imagination.

It's not only possible for you to create a new story for yourself, but even for others! Let me give you an example of the magic that you can create for others:

My client’s son was failing school and he had to attend and pass summer school if he wanted to advance to the next grade. I asked my client what she would like to do. She said she wanted her son to pass the year by completing all the requirements of summer school, which wasn’t going so well at the time. Her son had hours and hours of study activities that needed to be completed and he wasn’t focused or motivated to complete them in a timely manner.

She said, with just one week left, that she would like her son to feel motivated and inspired to complete the work and turn it in on time. But, how could he do this with so little time left and no motivation evident all summer long?

I told her to see past the present situation, the current reality, and picture in her mind what she would like to happen. She also needed to change how she felt about her son’s performance at school overall. She needed to see him as an "A" student. In one short weekend, my client’s son completed the work required to pass summer school and he told his mom and his sister that he just felt inspired to do it all over the weekend. My clients were amazed that all they had to do was focus consistently on their new story and feel good to get the results they wanted so much for him.

Also, in January, my client texted me when her son came home with his first semester report card. She said, “I just wanted to share some joyful news with you. My son got all A’s and B’s on his report card and an A in math!” He passed this last semester with flying colors!

Everything we create in our lives starts with the right mindset. It will create all of the magnificent things that we want. That right mindset starts with the feeling of love and gratitude for ourselves, everyone, and everything else involved in the situation your want to create. Those feelings create calmness. That calmness is the key to accomplishing our desires. The calmer we are, the more amazing our lives will become!

So, anytime you look at something that you would like to be different, ask yourself this question: What would I like the outcome of this situation to be? Be clear about what you want in your mind. Then, go through 4 simple steps.

  1. Feel lots of love for yourself first.

  2. Feel lots of love for the situation, everything going on around it, and everyone involved.

  3. Feel lots of love and gratitude in advance, as you know that you are creating it.

  4. Put a picture in your mind of the perfect outcome and KNOW it into your reality!

Just like in our life, when we are focused on growing the intensity of the love that we feel, we become truly calm, and the narrative of everything changes. Our imaginations grow and we are able to naturally project a picture of the end result we want. We see things in a completely new way. Along the way, our awareness and the feeling of our true power becomes heightened. This state of mind will create real magic in your life. Try it and see how fun it is to create miracles in your life. Remember to stay in the present moment, focused on what you want, not on what you don’t want!

Have an absolutely magical week full of love, gratitude and fun, fun, fun!

~Mary Lynn Ziemer

If this message inspired you, please forward it to a friend, colleague, client, or family member to brighten their day as well!

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