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See yourself as magnificent!

"Magic is believing in yourself. If you can do that you can make anything happen. ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

See yourself as magnificent!

Yes! I want you to see yourself as the extraordinary person that you already are. You are not average or ordinary, regular or typical, or just run of the mill common. You are incredible! You are brilliant in your own unique way. There is no other human on the planet exactly like you. You are a snowflake of great beauty. As you revel in that knowledge, understanding the depth of its truth, you have the power to create the life of joyful fun that the deepest part of you is calling you to experience.

Call it the "Pure Potential of Creativity" within you, your "Soul" or "Source of Power," "God" or "the Universe." Whatever the case, when you open your heart to this, you are opening your heart and your mind to that Power. You are created in the image and likeness of that Power, and you too are magnificent!

When you feel the incredible nature of your own truth, you feel more calm and confident, empowered and creative than ever before. You have more faith in you and as a result you begin to expand the power of your mind. You expect things to happen the way you truly desire. Those new and very confident expectations then create an upward heavenly spiral giving you results at a higher level, beyond your wildest dreams.

As your happiness increases, you have more success in every area of your life. Everyone benefits from you loving you! Your relationships are more joyful and you feel more connected. Your work and school results improve, your health improves, you make more money and life feels truly magical. Why? Because love changes everything for the best. For the first time ever, you feel completely in charge of your life, knowing you are creating it.

Take this important step today and watch things begin to change in your world as you change yourself. You are powerful, brilliant and amazing and you need to own it. Tell yourself the truth. Say only loving, kind, and uplifting things about and to yourself. Acknowledge how special you are. Be relentless in this task and you will grow into who you really are, who you always have been. You...the authentic the light inside of you that is always on. As you practice loving yourself more, watch your light shine brighter and touch everyone all around you in amazing ways!

If this message inspired you, please forward it to a friend, colleague, client, or family member to brighten their day as well!

Need help feeling more joy today? Contact me for a FREE initial Coaching session at (239) 444-3133.

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