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Small Group Coaching

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Small Group Coaching

These Small Group Coaching sessions are engaging and inspiring. They provide you with the same tools and material covered in a one-on-one Coaching program, but in a small group atmosphere.  The sessions are approximately an hour long.  During the first portion, each member of the group is given the opportunity to take a few minutes to share experiences and ask questions (this sharing is not required, only optional, you may also just choose to listen.)  For the rest of the session, Mary Lynn will guide the group through material that will inspire your heart and open your mind.  She will teach you proven techniques for learning to create the life you want for yourself, in both professional and personal realms.   Whether your goal is to increase your financial wealth, improve your relationships, improve your health, or just improve your overall happiness and joy in life, this small group coaching will provide you the tools you need to achieve this.

You may choose to join an existing group, or you may form a group of friends, family, or colleagues to experience coaching together.


What Can I Expect at Small Group Coaching?


In this series of small group sessions, Mary Lynn will guide you through thought provoking exercises that will help you begin to define your goals and create action plans that will allow you to achieve the life you’ve always dreamed of having. You will also start to understand the value of aligning your work with your true purpose and your passions in life. You will have the support of a Master Certified Life Coach, as well as the support of the others in your group, as you begin considering all possibilities, overcoming your fears, achieving your goals, and living a rich and fulfilled life.


If you are not local to the Southwest Florida area, or prefer not to drive to the session each week, you can still easily attend these small groups “virtually” from anywhere in the world!  When you join, we’ll send you a link to our virtual small group meeting room each week and you’ll be able to see and hear everyone…and they will be able to see and hear you, so you’ll still have the interactive experience of a Small Group session, without leaving your home or office!


View our Event Calendar for days/times of upcoming Small Group Coaching sessions.


“Refresh & Renew” Series


This group is a six session series, and will offer a “tune-up and refresher” for individuals who have gone through the program and are practicing the tools and techniques presented in the Basic program.


The skills you have learned previously have already lifted you to new levels of happiness, calm, awareness and success in your life.  This program is for previous participants who would like further instruction and discussion around the topics, tools and excercises that will ensure your success in having more of what you want everyday!


If you have participated in a small group before and enjoyed the experience, you are sure to enjoy this series with other like minded individuals!


Advanced Small Group Coaching


For those who have completed the Small Group or One on One Coaching series, you may sign up for “Advanced Coaching” sessions.

This program will take you to a new level of understanding about yourself, and continue to focus on how you can have even greater daily success in every aspect of your life.  It will help you discover how you can take the calm, joy, love and creative expansion you are already experiencing to a whole new level, and begin to thrive consistently as serene miracle creators.


This series of 10 sessions will concentrate on how to continue expanding the joy and success in your life by learning inspiring, new material.  This is presented as a continuation of the various concepts and techniques learned in the basic program, allowing you to further deepen the foundation and access that limitless power within you!


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"Embrace patience and calm your mind. You are in exactly the place, and doing exactly what you need to be doing, at this very moment."  ~Mary Lynn Ziemer 

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