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We invite you to attend our "Nurture Yourself First" Lunch & Learn workshop series, with an amazing, life changing workshop each month!  Workshops will be held at the beautiful Shangri-La resort in Bonita Springs. Next Workshop is:

Monday, March 6th

Registration 10:45am

Workshops 11am-12:15pm

Lunch from 12:15-1:30pm (or 2pm for those who love to linger and chat!)


Workshops presented by:


Mary Lynn Ziemer, Master of Advanced Life Concepts (Life & Business Coach)

Suzanne Jeffreys, MS in Ed., Certified Nutrition Therapist (Health Coach & Founder, Nurturing Wellness)

MARCH TOPIC:  "That Glorious Feeling in Your Gut"






Mary Lynn Ziemer will present on: "How to Trust Your Gut Intuition"


Why do we feel that an idea is right or wrong for us? How do we just plain know that we should move forward on a plan? Why are we often convinced that we are guided with our big decisions? Call it intuition or gut feeling, Higher Power, God, Spirit or

Soul, we all know the feeling…and when we follow it we will be happier.  By applying intuition and mindfulness every day, we gain access to a wealth of inner wisdom. It’s a gift. If we apply this improved sensitivity to what’s going on around us… and listen… the daily choices we are faced with become much easier.  


Be inspired as you listen to Mary Lynn explain how to develop and apply intuition and mindfulness every day so you can find the answers to your questions from within. Learn tips that will allow you to use this gift that we all have!

Suzanne Jeffreys will present: "Healthy Gut, Happy Body! Natural Solutions for Digestive Health"

Did you know that 80% of our immune system depends on a healthy gut? Improving digestive function can positively impacts so many parts of your body! If you experience bloating or other digestive discomfort, find out what your belly is trying to tell you!

With Suzanne's five surprising keys to digestive health, learn how to:


Support healthy digestion

Help jump start weight loss

Help increase focus and energy

Help with hunger management

Help improve sleep


In just 7 days!

Cost to attend:

"Lunch & Learn" Workshops:  $49.95 / person







A delicious, three-course, organic meal provided by Shangri-La


Engaging and educational 75-minute workshop




Every attendee ALSO receives a raffle ticket for "Nurture Yourself First gift basket" drawing 

(basket contains products and services from Mary Lynn & Suzanne, valued at over $600!)


*Bring a guest and you receive an EXTRA raffle ticket for yourself, plus your guest gets a ticket!


Ready to do something positive for yourself?   Contact Mary Lynn at (239)444-3133 for more details or sign up now!

*You will receive a confirmation email after completing your purchase, which you may also use as proof of registration.  If you do not receive this email within 24-hours, please call (239) 444-3133 

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March Luncheon & Seminar - $49.95
Monday, March 6th 
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