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What Are You Thinking About Right Now? How Does it Make You Feel?

"No matter what the situation, remind yourself 'I have a choice'." ~Deepak Chopra

Little Gems of Wisdom & Fun from Mary Lynn Ziemer

Do you find yourself wondering what others might be thinking or feeling about certain topics? We are often curious about how others might perceive a situation we have in front of us, a person, or even about ourselves. We are always so interested in the opinions of others. But, the truth is, we should be most interested in our very own thoughts. In fact, you should be observing your very own thoughts and opinions right now and all day long. Ask yourself, “What am I thinking about at this very moment?”

Why is this so important? Because whatever you are thinking about (and your perspective about it) right now is causing you to feel a certain way. Your thoughts are the content that you are creating and represent the direction in which you are headed. Your feelings are the fuel by which you create. So, when you empower yourself by putting your focus and priority on feeling good, you pave the way to your next feel-good experience. In other words, when you feel good consistently you can create whatever you want. So, in fact, the more important question to ask yourself is this: “What am I feeling right now?”

You want to be sure that you are taking care of you and your future experiences by choosing what to focus on. You must be keenly aware of how you feel. Your feelings are your guide to what you are thinking about.

When you feel good, you are thinking about wonderful things. And feelings are always the determining factor of the experiences we will have. They determine what our lives are going to look like. We create everything in our lives by the way we feel. So, only when we feel good, do we create what our hearts truly desire. Therefore, it is crucial that we pay attention to how we are feeling all day long.

Lisa Feldman Barrett is a renowned neuroscientist and author of How Emotions are Made, Secret Life of the Brain. She states that, "Not only do you literally construct your environment—your reality—by virtue of what sensory input from the physical environment your brain selects; it admits some as information and ignores some as noise."

Barrett goes on to say that, “Our emotions are not automatic, but rather can be practiced and programmed to result in new behavior". (So, a new behavior creates a new outcome.) "Ultimately, the bodily experience influences a subsequent emotion and action, thereby creating a self-fulfilling prophecy." (For example, what you believe, you create.)

How incredible it is that we can self-regulate! We get to decide how we feel. It’s the most amazing bit of information to know and understand.

What can we do to create more fabulous feelings? We often try to overcomplicate it, but it’s profoundly simple to do. Just follow these 3 tips:

1. Love yourself, everyone and everything more than ever before. Wherever you are, feel love for everyone, no matter what. Allow everyone the right to be perfectly on their path.

2. Feel more gratitude. Be grateful for even the smallest of things, as well as the big things, in your life.

3. Have more fun than ever before. Having more fun always flows easily from step 1 and 2 above.

When we choose the best possible thoughts, words, and actions of love, gratitude, and fun, you will feel so good. And when you feel good, it’s easier than ever to create more of what you want in the only moment that matters... NOW.

When you feel authentically happy, it is also much easier to create the win-win for yourself and others. That’s the sweet spot. What’s the win-win, and how do you find it? Your mind becomes calm and your imagination naturally expands. Science proves that when we are happy, we are more creative in our solutions, more engaged in our relationships, and better at pretty much everything.

When you feel this sense of calm and gratitude, you’ll find it easy to see the best in others and expect that they will love and respect you as well. It’s easier to see the true potential that the moment in front of you holds. In calm, you remember your power to create the perfect outcome. And your imagination expands with creativity, showing you the way.

So, feel more and think less. Said a different way, "think from your heart." Always think from your heart and you will feel peace and have a calm mind. When you do, you begin to create new and better situations and circumstances in your life. You begin to live life more in the flow, moving with the current.

When your mindset is calm that’s when the magic happens. Now, put a picture in your mind of the outcome you want, and "voila!" Life is supposed to be easy and fun. This is the way to achieve that!

Have an absolutely magical week full of love, gratitude, and fun, fun, FUN!

~Mary Lynn Ziemer

If this message inspired you, please forward it to a friend, colleague, client, or family member to brighten their day as well!

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