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Take "Inspired Action" to Achieve Goals

"Don't wait for the perfect moment... take the moment and make it perfect." ~Zoey Sayward

Little Gems of Wisdom & Fun from Mary Lynn Ziemer

True happiness is always the winning strategy. It comes from deep within and takes you to the wonderful place of calm. But, in order to reach the goals you have set for yourself, you must combine this feeling of joy and calm with "inspired action."

What is "Inspired Action"?

"Inspired action" is any action which gives you the experience of connecting with your Source of Infinite Power. It is of the most all-knowing intelligence. It is that power within you (by whatever name you choose to call it: Intuition, God, Universe, Life, Soul, Source Energy etc.). And when you tap into it, it will lead the way if you allow.

You will know it is this source guiding you to take an action towards something, because of how it makes you feel: happy, blissful, abundant, joyful, unbounded in your success, peaceful, energetic, confident, etc.

This source of action will always lead you toward abundance, service, and contribution in some way to the world. It is action that is fulfilling, successful, and satisfying. It is everything that feels like love, because it is love. And it is always the most effective and efficient action you can take!

How do you begin, you ask? I call it the three-lane highway to success. You must:

1) Have positive, loving thoughts and believe that your biggest dream is possible. This is a key ingredient to feeling happy, and it always leads to calmness.

2) Feel the joy as you imagine having the thing you desire most in your life (even though you don’t have it yet, imagine that you do.☺)

3) Take inspired, fun, and focused action to get you started by listening to your Infinite Source of Power within.

Scientists say that when we send a rocket to the moon, it takes 80% of the fuel to lift it off the ground. It then requires only the remaining 20% to land and return to earth. This analogy can be applied to everything in our lives. Quantum Physics says that nothing happens until something moves. In other words, we need to take action toward reaching our goals. If you want to take a road trip to another city, you have to first take the steps of putting the keys in the car and back it out of the driveway to get you started, right?

Yes, this sounds simplistic, but you get my point. It's taking those first few steps of action that will put your goals into motion, and make them a reality.

No matter what you want… more money, better health, more loving relationships, finding your purpose, or a new career that feeds your soul… everything starts with the goals that you set. Dream BIG, then get practical.

Here are the 3 initial steps to get you there:

Step 1: The momentum begins with committing to a goal that is uniquely yours, one that you love. You’ll know it by how good it makes you feel as you think about it and imagine the outcome that you are striving for. (Remember, one of your priority goals should be 'achieving deep, authentic happiness.' This is the foundation to gaining success in every area of your life!)

Step 2: You must believe that you can achieve it. No matter how big or small your dream is, you can achieve it IF you truly want it and WHEN you are patient.

Step 3: When you add inspired focused and fun action to the mix, you will feel a KNOWING within you that it is happening. This is when you are certain to see your goals come to fruition.

Start by getting quiet with yourself. Go within through meditation or prayer, and say to yourself:

"Thank you in advance for the wisdom I receive. I am guided with absolute clarity toward inspired action and I achieve my goal with ease."

Now, listen and write down what thoughts come to you... and take action immediately!

The first action you should take is to put your goal in writing. A Harvard study shows that you will be 1,000% more successful as it focuses your mind on your target consistently.

Then, pick a mantra to repeat over and over in your mind throughout your day. For example, "I am so grateful that I have a thriving and wildly profitable business.

Be sure to make the action you take fun, as there is always a way. FUN is a key ingredient to the winning strategy. Even if it just starts with forming a smile on your face to get you moving in the right direction. Having fun is a huge advantage for you as you move through the process. You will find it much easier to stay on track when you feel true joy both in thinking about and acting on your goal.

Once you feel true happiness, you’ll see your dream as a real possibility for yourself. You will feel inspired to take the actions that you are thinking about. Your actions will naturally be consistent with your thoughts and your words. In fact, you will not want to take any other action because of your laser focus on this new and joyful goal in your life. With assistance from that Infinite Source of Power within, you will appropriately find the most effective path to reaching that goal.

And, most importantly, always remember to be grateful every step of the way! Have gratitude throughout your day for all of the successes you are beginning to see and feel. Then, see yourself receiving even more!

Have an absolutely magical day full of love gratitude and fun, fun, fun!

~Mary Lynn Ziemer

If this message inspired you, please forward it to a friend, colleague, client, or family member to brighten their day as well!

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