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The Easy Street to Peace and Calm

"With mindfulness, you can establish yourself in the present in order to touch the wonders of life that are available in that moment."

Little Gems of Wisdom & Fun from Mary Lynn Ziemer

We often hear about the magic that happens in our lives when we feel calm. But, is it possible to feel truly at peace inside and to remain calm in every situation?

It takes focus and persistence to experience consistent calm, and it is well worth our effort. As we become more calm, we become a different person. Our perspective and outlook on life, we well as everyone and everything in it, changes significantly. As a result, everything goes our way. We live our days much more "in the flow."

How does this happen? We change. When we change within ourselves, everything around us changes. It is the path that leads us to feeling good as we integrate love, gratitude, and fun into our life on an experience by experience basis. This is a living life in the moment approach. This is the way that will take you to feeling more peace and calm throughout your day today, tomorrow, and every day thereafter. This is the easiest way!

By following this simple and easy technique, we can create incredible peace inside ourselves while working, raising a family, and living our daily lives. This comes from creating a calm mindset.

How can we do this? Here are a few tips...

1) Start from where you are right now. Now is the only time that matters; nothing else exists. Now is all we truly have. It is the only place that we create from, and it is where we experience everything. So, now it is! When we concentrate on now, the future takes care of itself and is amazing. As we live calmly in the now, we pave our way to the future we truly desire. One that is full of magic and miracles.

2) Leave the past behind and focus on what is in front of us. Let the former go and move forward with love. Carry love before you with every thought, every word, and every action. Yes, it takes practice for all of us…. but it feels wonderful!

So, let go of the past as it relates to your views, opinions, and perceptions about how people or situations are, or how a particular person acts. Create a new story that feels better in the moment you are thinking about them. Remember, you are the author of your own fill the pages with whatever you desire! Even if you have evidence of a past behavior in someone you don't like (or in yourself) ... it's time to let it go.

Instead, bring more joyful thoughts and words of love and gratitude into the present moment. Think of things that make you feel good about that person or situation. Or, try to find humor in the situation or tell a joke. I know it may sound extreme, but have a good laugh at yourself if you can. Every situation can be changed with a little creativity. Remember, you create more of what you want by feeling good. So, minimally, do your best to stay present, feeling love and gratitude for all that you already have.

Once you get the hang of it, you just want to keep moving forward as you feel the peace and calm inside of you grow.

3) Make choices only that bring you peace and make you feel good. Now, stay present. Feel love for whatever you are engaged in. Feel love for your bed, your shower, and your morning cup of coffee. Open your heart fully to what you have right in front of you in the moment, as you are living it, and as you move through every segment of your day.

4) If you forget, get excited that you remembered again and pick it up where you left off. Start with a new energized focus, knowing that peace, calm, and miracles are becoming your new way of living.

Have an absolutely magical week full of love, gratitude and fun, fun, fun!

~Mary Lynn Ziemer

If this message inspired you, please forward it to a friend, colleague, client, or family member to brighten their day as well!

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