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How to Create a Life that You Will Love

"Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions."

~ Albert Einstein

Little Gems of Wisdom & Fun from Mary Lynn Ziemer

Everything ever created started with imagination. If we can imagine something, we can have it! The first car, the first airplane, the first phone, the first camera... all just pure imagination. They were a dream that someone visualized, which eventually became a reality.

How was it possible for a multi-ton piece of metal to fly in the sky? How was it possible for a horseless carriage to move by itself and how was it possible for us to speak to someone else located half way around the world instantly? At some point, someone envisioned things beyond what was thought possible. That is why we have so much amazing technology today.

The same analogy applies to our minds. If we think it is possible to have perfect relationships, we will create them. If we think that it is possible to create others in our lives as being happy and successful, loving and kind…we will create that. If we can imagine being perfectly healthy, we can be.

Our lives are supposed to be easy! Our lives are supposed to be joyful and fun. We are supposed to create flourishing businesses, successful and happy children and loved ones, financial freedom, our dream jobs, etc. We are supposed to create lots of fun and fulfilling circumstances in our lives. When we use our minds the way they should be used, we take our lives to a level beyond what we ever thought was possible.

...And it all starts with using your imagination!

How is it possible for us to create things with our mind... like perfect relationships? Can a perfect relationship exist? It is the same question that was asked about flying. It is only possible if we think and know that it is. Carl Benz, a very brilliant and adventurous man thought that a horseless carriage could move by itself. He invented the first horseless carriage, the first car. The list goes on and on. Amazing people who used their imagination to create progress.

So, just exactly how do we apply these same principals to create progress in our own life? We must have the right mindset that fuels our imagination. We need to KNOW that what we want is going to happen. We need to see in our mind that it has already happened, that it is already ours. In order for us to heal ourselves and others, we need to see in our minds that we, or they, are already healthy. We have to see that we already have the perfect relationships, an extremely successful business, the perfect job, etc. We first have to see the potential that already exists for the situation to be what we want it to be. This takes us to "knowing." Knowing is faith of a certainty. Faith in our ability to create what we desire….it is when we know in our gut that we can do it!

I always encourage my clients to set goals for themselves that are ambitious. Goals that they want, yet, in their minds, are beyond what they may think are possible... beyond the realm of “normal” achievement. Why? Because we have to imagine it as possible before we can create it in our reality. Those kinds of goals have made the biggest difference in the history of our world. Those kinds of goals created a car, a plane, a camera, a computer, a cell phone, and much, much more. They took yours or someone else’s life to a completely new level.

In the beginning, when the inventors set those kinds of goals, they first wished that it could be done. They hoped for it. But then, eventually, that hope was transformed into knowing that “it CAN be done!” Then, they KNEW that THEY could do it!

How do you turn your magnificent goal into a reality? By building a foundation of true inner peace, happiness, and calm within yourself first. This requires focusing on YOU! Then, that foundation of deep and intense love for yourself... and everyone and everything else... will fuel the calm knowing.It will allow you the calm mindset and expanded imagination needed to most easily play the perfect scenario over and over again in your mind, until it becomes a part of you. Until you see it as a done deal. Until you know that it is just a matter of time and it is yours. Until you know that YOU can do it. When you know it, when you truly know it…then…it becomes your new reality and creates a life of real magic that you will love.

If this message inspired you, please forward it to a friend, colleague, client, or family member to brighten their day as well!

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