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Smile your most heart-warming smile

"Every time you smile at someone it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing." ~ Mother Theresa

Begin every new day with a smile!

It is in our capacity to smile, so that we may feel more peaceful and calm... and so that we may find joy. Smiling takes such little effort. Yet, it is very powerful. A smile has the ability to brighten the whole world for everyone, including you!

How? For starters, a smile is a beautiful thing! It’s a universal symbol of happiness and joy. Smiling is one of the greatest gifts we are given at birth. It costs us nothing, yet gives us so much. It’s a tool that we have available to us at every moment to lighten our day, raise our spirits, and lift those around us. It is such an easy way to send love to others. And, the mere act of forming a smile will uplift you too. Try it now!

But, a smile is even more powerful than you may realize. It also has proven physiological benefits. Research around the emotional effects of smiling tells us that the simple, physical act of smiling is an immediate cause of happy feelings.

What’s important about happy feelings? Everything. Yes, I’m going to say it again. How you feel determines how you create your life in this very moment.

A smile can change your mood, your feelings, and your actions. It even improves our health. According to recent studies conducted at the University of Kansas, the act of smiling improves your state of mind and how your body feels. Frequent smiling has been linked to improved health, rising endorphins (good feeling hormones), and lowered blood pressure. And, if that’s not enough, according to a recent Penn State University study, smiling also makes us look more attractive to others.

When we smile, something lights up within us, and we naturally share this gift with others. Researchers Nicholas Christakis and James Fowler estimate that there are nearly 1,000 people within 3 degrees of most of us. So, when you consciously choose to act in positive and happier ways, you are unconsciously shaping the behavior of an incredible number of people in the same way!

Everyone knows that yawns and smiles are literally contagious. They light up the mirror neuron network in our brain, causing us to respond in the same way. So, keep your chin up and just put a smile on your face. It is simply that easy! Just the mere, physical act of forming a smile on your face is the shortcut to filling your love tank and that of others as everyone immediately feels happier.

Life is full of beauty! Notice the small child, the smile on the your friend's face when they greet you, or the beautiful sunshine as it warms your room.

Smell the rain and feel the wind on your face. There are endless things to smile about, when you stop and search for them. So, going forward, be sure to pay attention and smile often.

As you smile your most heart-warming smile, you will spread joy, peace, and sunshine to the world around you!

If this message inspired you, please forward it to a friend, colleague, client, or family member to brighten their day as well!

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