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Life is an adventure!

“If happiness is the goal – and it should be, then adventures should be top priority.” – Richard Branson

Each day is yours to create. Do you remember those "choose your own adventure" books? The ones that have a happy ending? This is how life works as well! You get to choose, every day, what life you want to create... and you can actually have your "magical fairy tale" ending!

I can say this with complete confidence because I see real "miracles" happen so often, not only for myself, but for my clients. They happen as they open their hearts and minds to the pure potential of creativity that lies within them.

So, make it your turn now. Don't wait another moment! You can begin creating your adventure's how.

Have a goal that excites you and start by writing it down. It's been proven in a Harvard study that you'll be 1,000% more successful when you actually write it out. Writing things down helps you internalize and process the information on an intuitive level. It allows you to focus more intently on your thoughts, resulting in a more intense addition of positive feeling, the key to creating your dream most quickly.

Determine very specifically what you actually want your future to look like. And as Steve Jobs used to say “Dream Bigger!” As you write it down, you are putting it into existence for yourself with clarity. Keep it out there in front of you, where you can see it often. Study it daily, write it down and imagine it often so you can see the outcome you want very clearly. Then be amazed as you’re inspired with great ideas and opportunities to act on at just the right time.

When you authentically feel like it's a real possibility for you, when you feel good just thinking about it, and you feel patient and calm, you know you are on the way to creating your dream.

If this message inspired you, please forward it to a friend, colleague, client, or family member to brighten their day as well!

Need help feeling more joy today? Contact me for a FREE initial Coaching session at (239) 444-3133.

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