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One-on-One Coaching (Personal & Business Coaching)

The eternal search for’s a human condition. For many, happiness is something that is constantly chased, but never attained. Others understand that happiness and overwhelming joy are readily available at anytime, anywhere, despite circumstance.


If you are ready to start creating the life of your dreams, instead of allowing life to simply happen to you,  then you have taken the perfect first step.  You have landed on this website, and on this page for a reason.  You know that you have the potential for more.  But, how do you get from where you are today, right at this moment, to "there" "the dream?"


My one-on-one Business and Personal Coaching programs will help you do exactly that.  Throughout our sessions, I will share with you a few secrets, strategies, and proven tools that will help you achieve unlimited levels of success in business, amazing relationships, improved health, and the ability to truly wake up to the best day of your life...every day!   Sound to good to be true?  It's not. It's REALLY possible.  I see this happen in the lives of my clients, and in my own life, each and every day! 


Personal Coaching


In both personal and business coaching programs, I will teach you some new "rules of the game of life" that we were not taught by our parents or in our schools.  In our personal program, we will talk more about overall balance and improvement in all areas of your life.  Basically, creating your "dream life."

On the surface, the answer to achieving a life of pure bliss may seem huge and illusive. Maybe it feels like it could take an eternity to make this kind of shift from where you are at now.  But, in reality, it is quite simple.  I assure you, wherever you are on your journey, it is possible for you to have a life filled with more joy... right now! 

Happy people use specific tools and strategies that allow them to feel a sense of control over their lives. They wake to each new day with plans to create the life they want, not simply “discover” it. They feel empowered to make it the best day possible.  During our personal coaching, I will provide you with these tools and strategies, and together we will create action plans that will allow you to start seeing significant, positive change in your life... immediately.

Over the past 20 years, Harvard University has conducted psychological studies of the minds of 275,000 people. The results concluded thateverything in your life is improved when your brain experiences high levels of happiness. So, just imagine what is waiting for you as you begin to tap into even more of that power of your mind. You can grow and change in ways you never expected. You can realize the life you truly desire.  

During the course of, and after completing my Personal Coaching program, you can expect to:

  • Experience authentic, unlimited happiness and feel infinite joy in your life

  • Have the ability to quickly bring yourself into a state of peace and blissful calm

  • Have complete clarity when making decisions

  • Have balance in all aspects of your life

  • Have abundance in your finances and be able to do all of the things you love

  • Have perfect health...wake up feeling great every day

  • Have amazing, loving relationships 

  • Have FUN!  Your life will feel absolutely magical!


All of us deserve to experience wave after wave of greater love, creative energy, and financial abundance. In my coaching program, you will achieve these things…all without judgement and at your own pace.

Schedule an Introductory Personal Coaching Session Today!

Business Coaching


Would you like to feel the joy of your work and your life at a more meaningful level?

Would you like mutually beneficial relationships with colleagues that support you in efforts to advance your career?

Would you like to feel more empowered in creating a work environment full of joy, calm, and fun?

Would you like to increase your self-confidence and create strong relationships with others who seem less than approachable?

Would you like to take your current career to new levels?  Or, perhaps completely change directions in your career?

Do you want to wake up each day excited and eager to go to work?


Every great business person knows that the most important pillar of success lies in generating powerful relationships with others, both inside and outside of work. It is essential for success in your career, as well as in your personal life.

"Emotional Intelligence"...

The ability to express and control our own emotions in an effective manner is most important in any role we assume… in business and life. And so is our ability to understand, interpret, and respond to the emotions of others in a way that builds authentic connections and lays a foundation for creative development and problem solving. This ability is referred to as “emotional intelligence.” Many experts, including Harvard researchers and chief company executives, state that it is more important than IQ. Research overwhelmingly shows that up to 90% of our performance effectiveness is due to emotional savvy rather than technological knowledge.

Building and maintaining positive relationships and possessing “emotional intelligence” is the key skill you must possess in today’s business environment to move to the top! It is the mark of a truly successful leader.  It is the edge that you must have to ensure your success, no matter what stage of your career you are in right now. Lack of these skills will block you from the progress you want to make.

In this dynamic and engaging coaching program, you will learn the essential skills needed to take your career, personal life, relationships, and emotional intelligence to the next level.


After completing the course, you will see results such as:

  • Clarity of vision about your career and all aspects of life

  • Newfound passion for what you do, and increased success

  • Improved leadership skills and Increased productivity

  • Better conflict resolution

  • Exceptional interpersonal communication skills

  • Improved relationships with co-workers

  • Improved personal relationships

  • More self-confidence and improved negotiation skills

  • More impactful presentations

  • Crystal clear goals and personalized action plans to achieve them

  • Ability to identify challenges and find solutions to overcome them

  • A happier, more fulfilling environment at work and at home


Schedule an Introductory Personal Coaching Session Today!

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"Embrace patience and calm your mind. You are in exactly the place, and doing exactly what you need to be doing, at this very moment."  ~Mary Lynn Ziemer 

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