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"Journey to Joy"

JoyBreak Audio Collections

“Journey to Joy” is a collection of inspirational, insightful, and powerful audio messages by Mary Lynn Ziemer, along with soothing music.  These audio clips are a collection of messages we like to call"JoyBreaks". Each JoyBreak message is about 1-2 minutes long, so you can pause for a few minutes in your day, listen from wherever you are, and quickly get to a place of calm and joy.  This collection allows you to have a convenient, downloadable file which may be listened to in full as a meditation, or just as individual "JoyBreaks" throughout your day, keeping you peaceful and motivated.  Each volume contains 15-20 inspirational messages.


Click below to listen to an audio sample,

or to see a list of the audio messages included in each volume of "Journey to Joy"

Daydream - Sample Audio Clip from "Journey to Joy"
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Think Less - Sample Audio Clip from Journey to Joy
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Volume 4


Heart Meditation

Heart Meditation

Guided Audio by Mary Lynn Ziemer


You HAVE all of the answers to the questions that you seek. All of the solutions are within you, once you learn how to access them. This amazing meditation will help you do exactly that. When you go to your heart for guidance, you will experience an overwhelming sense of calm and clarity. You will know that you are making the right decisions for you, and you will feel at peace.


In this guided meditation, Mary Lynn Ziemer takes you through a beautiful process that will help you calm your mind and tap into that immense power you hold within your heart. You'll create pathways from your mind to your heart that allow you to access this power and get in touch with your intuition. During this meditation, listen to the guidance you receive. It comes to you in the form of gut feelings, images, goose bumps, repetitive sounds, and other physical sensations. You may hear a message or see a picture in your mind. These are messages from the depth of your heart and soul, steering you with amazing insight. 

"Powerful Simplicity"

Guided Audio by Amanda Devine

CD (mailed)

Price:  $24.95

“Powerful Simplicity” is a one of a kind, enhanced meditation guided by Life Coach, Amanda Devine. It is designed to help you discover your unlimited potential and build the future of your dreams. Utilized every day, this simple, yet compelling session with powerful suggestions will relax you, make you feel energized and acutely focus on your goals while creating unwavering faith in your boundless possibility. Nothing is impossible when you feel and understand the unlimited power you possess.


The music was created by Vagner Severiano especially for this CD.

Digital Download

Price: $15.00

"The Light of Love"

Guided Audio by Amanda Devine

This meditation CD will truly transform you. The music and the meditation will create an incredible connection between YOU and your higher self (or God, Universe, Consciousness, Infinite Intelligence, Unity, Higher Power, Angels) Amazing and loving things have started to happen to me and other people when we use this meditation on a regular basis.

CD (mailed)

Price:  $14.95

Digital Download

Price: $10.00

What people are saying about these meditations...


“When I listen to your new meditation, I feel power just surging through my body. The first time I listened to it, I believe I saw a spiritual guide. Thank you so much for what you do for the world!” ~Ray Higdon, Founder The Forever Wealth Club


“I love this meditation! Every time I listen to it, it takes me into a deeply peaceful, yet energetic state. Since listening, I have realized the vastness that surrounds us and that we truly are the core of it. In that space – if you ask a question, the answer appears… It’s amazing.”
Gabe Mellein


“…I felt amazing love as I was surrounded by an ocean of angels”  ~Mary Lynn Ziemer, Life Coach


More about the power of meditation...


Here is a basic overview to help you understand how this type of meditation can have such an incredible, amazing affect on you...


Quantum physics states that everything is energy. You are energy, the chair you are sitting on is energy…the trees, stars, sun etc. Everything around you is energy. We are a smaller energy field in a bigger energy field. That bigger energy field can be called Infinite Intelligence, God, Universe, High Power, or Consciousness (as quantum physics calls it). We are all born with amazing power, the power of our thought. We create with our every single thought. What we create in our lives depends on the level of awareness we are on.


Levels of awareness describe the degree by which we understand the incredible power that we possess, and how that power we have works in conjunction with the High Power. Those levels have absolutely nothing do to with intelligence!  The more we understand, the higher the level of awareness we possess. The higher we go in our level of understanding the more we make use of that awesome power that we have in creating our world.


This meditation increases vibration of your energy by evoking the feeling of love. Love is the highest vibration that exists. When you feel love, true love, you look at everyone and everything with love and you will attract magnificent things to your life. Also, the feeling of love allows you to experience the connection with the Higher Power on a level beyond your imagination.





"The Change"

“The Change” is more than a book.  It is a tool that can help you elevate your joy to new levels. The Change explores powerful, thought-provoking insights from a variety of inspiring co-authors, including Mary Lynn Ziemer!   This book will take you on a journey of self-discovery and personal change that will touch every area of your life.


You will learn how to embrace the changes ahead and prosper. Chances are this book contains EXACTLY what you need to take your life to the next level.


Price: $19.95  (Signed copy!)


More about “The Change” co-authors/publishers:


Drawing from decades of experience in the personal development industry, publishers and co-authors Jim Lutes and Jim Britt have created quite a stir by bringing together a talented group of international coaches, speakers, trainers and authors. The collaborative effort will share compelling stories of the human experience. Many are calling “The Change” the next “Chicken Soup for the Soul.” Well known names in the speaking and coaching industry are applauding this book series release.

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