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Seminars & Workshops 

Mary Lynn Ziemer has presented workshops across the globe to thousands of individuals in a variety of organizations.  Some of her presentation topics include:



“Find Your True Purpose”


Everyone has a purpose; it’s innate in all of us. In fact, a part of us knows our purpose; it’s that small voice concerned with our personal growth that influences us as we go through life. This voice is like our very own internal talking GPS, which is sadly often silenced by society. The good news is that it is possible to change your life; to turn the sound up on your GPS, to create focused action and have fun; all while you live with purpose on a daily basis. Other people started right where you are and are now living their life on-purpose. They started by first acknowledging it was time to change and then learned how to listen to that small voice inside that nudges, whispers, or in times of crisis yells–to get you on track.


Are you ready to learn and live your purpose?


During this dynamic & interactive seminar or workshop you will learn how to:


  • Uncover your life’s purpose, professionally and personally

  • Find the essence of who you really are

  • Identify and overcome the fears that prevent you from knowing your purpose and reaching your goals

  • Make your work a direct expression of your purpose


“How to Make Money & Enjoy Doing It”


Yes, it is possible to thrive and prosper, even in a challenging economy!  Discover how you can have financial abundance through practical, proven techniques.  Learn how it is possible to make more money, and actually enjoy doing it!  You will learn how to achieve clarity about what you want, and understand what it takes to get it.  You will also learn to identify and overcome the fears that are preventing you from reaching your goals financially, and in all aspects of life.  Discover the value of aligning your career with your purpose in life and your true passions. Those who know their purpose and work it easily have more money and success, with much less effort than those who don’t.  You will discover that working purpose usually causes an experience of greater passion and meaning.

During this dynamic & interactive seminar or workshop, you will learn how to:


  • Have success and abundance, regardless of the state of the economy

  • Identify what you want, write your goals, and create simple action plans that will allow you to achieve those goals

  • Master Your Thoughts

  • Visualize What You Want

  • Have Gratitude, Abundance, and Fulfillment in your career and all aspects of your life


Other Seminar & Workshop Topics Include:

  • Happiness Delivers Results

  • Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs

  • How to Prosper During Difficult Times

  • The Road to Joy

  • Find Your True Purpose

  • The Secret to Working in a Job You LOVE

  • Believing in Joy - Spiritual and Christian Coaching

  • Find the Love of Your Life

  • How to Achieve Your Perfect Weight and Dream Body



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"Embrace patience and calm your mind. You are in exactly the place, and doing exactly what you need to be doing, at this very moment."  ~Mary Lynn Ziemer 

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