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“Life isn't about finding yourself.  Life is about creating  yourself.”

Author Unknown

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"Joy University"

You deserve to be happy.   You deserve to have beautiful and loving relationships, financial abundance, good health, and the life of your dreams!  Sometimes, our own limiting beliefs may stand in the way.  However, there are actually no limits other than the ones we've placed on ourselves.  It's time to stop letting these self-imposed limits dictate your life, and start waking up to the life of your dreams every day!  Mary Lynn Ziemer's "Living A Joyful Life Now" program is a wonderful first step.  


In these educational video workshops, Mary Lynn Ziemer lets you in on a few secrets that successful people have been using for years.  In her enlightening and entertaining presentations, she explains how to use a few simple tools that have been scientifically proven over and over to help you achieve everything you want in life.  These are tools that were never taught in school, but have the power to significantly change your life!



Are these videos for you?


Maybe you're not sure about doing one-on-one coaching sessions, but you would like to learn more about Mary Lynn's program and life tools.  Or, maybe you've already gone through Mary Lynn's program, and just need a "refresher course".  Or... maybe you just prefer to learn from the comfort of your living room!  Whatever the case, these videos are the perfect launching point for even greater levels of joy.    


Start your journey to true joy...TODAY.  Purchase the full course (6 workshops), or individual video workshops below.


 "Joyful Abundance" - Health, Wealth, and Happiness 

This full course consists of 6 workshops



ALL 6 Workshops for $99.95

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6 video workshops from this course today!

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OR... purchase individual workshops from the course for $49.95 each

Workshop #1  -  The 3 Keys to Creating Your "Dream Life"



Have you ever told yourself you were going to do something over and over again, but you just never got around to doing it?   Even though you know it will be a positive outcome, you still just haven’t taken action toward it. Do you find yourself thinking about the future, hoping that one day you’ll find a way to make your dream a reality?


Actually living your "dream life" doesn’t have to be hard, and it doesn’t have to take a long time. Having what you truly desire can be so much easier than you might think. How, you ask?  I call it the "three-lane highway to success." Learn more in this enlightening video that puts you on the road to joy! 

Workshop #2 - You Must Believe it to See it!



Without defined goals and conscious visualization of our dreams, we often get in the habit of accepting what comes our way.   It's time to stop just letting life "come at you," and start creating it with intention.


Setting goals and defining dreams allows you to take control of your life. You will wake up every day excited about your life... looking forward to the new adventure unfolding before you!  


In this video, learn how to create defined goals that will get you exactly where you want to be.  Creating goals is empowering, and there is no better time than now to do it.  The right time will never present itself until you make it the right time.  

Workshop #3 - Creating Your Perfect Action Plan and Overcoming Limiting Beliefs



What is a belief? And, why are our beliefs so important in our quest for authentic happiness?  Our beliefs can be very deeply ingrained and sometimes have intense emotion tied to them. We are most often completely unaware that we are even using these beliefs, or that they are literally creating our reality.


Your unquestioned and negative beliefs are dangerous to you. They work against you, fueling negative actions that often prevent you from feeling happiness. Remember, how you feel (based on your beliefs) is creating your life!  So, you must be aware of your belief system that is constantly at work.  Use the tips in this video to identify and start overcoming your limiting beliefs, and learn how to create an action plan that will bring you the life of your dreams!

Workshop #4 - How to be Grateful, Get Calm, and Feel More "Alive" Than You've Ever Felt!



Who wouldn’t want to feel more alive? Most of us have experienced moments where we’ve felt truly alive. But imagine feeling that way every day, in every aspect of your life.


You easily get up each morning with enthusiasm, and excitedly look forward to creating the day ahead of you. You live your day-to-day life in an “awakened,” excited state. You easily see all of the gifts that come from your deep, internal well of joy.


In this video, learn about the major component for achieving this deep well of joy!  You'll also, learn some tips and tools for getting "calm," which allows you to better access your most powerful tools for creating the life of your dreams.

Workshop #5 - Eliminate Drama! ... Responding from Love VS. Reacting from Fear



Do you feel “drama” in your life?  Would you like it to recede, leaving behind peace quiet calm, and a real feeling of joy?  Peace is there for you to experience and tap into at every moment. You will feel it as soon as you detach from the conflict of your world and begin to respond with love.


There is a new approach you can try, which will leave you feeling empowered and at peace.  You will be responding from love, rather than reacting from emotions absent of love (such as annoyance, frustration, or anger).  Learn more in this powerful video!



Workshop #6 -  Let Your Imagination Run Wild ... The Secret to Visualization



As human beings, we possess an amazingly powerful gift, that few actually take full advantage of.  This is the gift of imagination!  


"In order to hold it in your hand you must first see it in your mind."  


In this video, learn how to harness the power of your imagination through visualization in creating the life of your dreams!  Learn how to use your senses to create a picture of the outcome you want. The more you see this for yourself, the more your confidence will build, and… before you know it… this vision becomes your reality!   Learn more in this engaging, enlightening, and powerful video course.


Full Course - BEST DEAL!!

All 6 Workshop Videos for $99.95

($200 DISCOUNT!)


Once you've experienced one of Mary Lynn's courses, we have a feeling you'll want more.  Instead of purchasing them one at a time, save money by purchasing all 6 workshops today for $99.95 and get a jump start on your road to joy!


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*After your payment has been received and processed, you will receive an email with a link to view all 6 video workshops in the Joyful Abundance course.  If you do not receive this link within 24-hours, please email

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